So complicated for a girl who wants simple - project me post 952

29 May 2013

It was Greggie's birthday this Monday! Happy birthday Greggie!
In his usual style, he had a bash and was surrounded by people who just love and adore him. Lucky for me, I know a lot of those people and so some love and adoration was showered onto me too. Trust me I need it ... and so I took it all in.

Most of the lovin' was for how great I'm looking, which is hysterical seeing as though I've picked up 5kg since the ex emerged as an ass. The rest was amazing congratulations for the boom in my career and Lifeology's opportunities.

But mostly ... it was about my blog!
Mostly, people wanted to know why I was blogging less and got all excited about vlogs and then only did one. I could give a hundred excuses, but the truth is plain and simple. I'm totally over complicating things.
I expected to be busy, but yikes ... so time truly is an issues.
I am not in a great space with how I'm taking care of myself.
I feel like a stuck record a lot of the time ...

And then people tell me how much they miss hearing what I think has become drivel and ... um ... other bad stuff that I feel about my precious blog right now.

But mostly, I have realised that the prettiness of the blog and the posting the pic (which takes the time) and making sure I have makeup on for my vlog ... that's all for me. You don't care! You just want to hear that I'm at least trying to live my Project Me each day.

So there might not be images, like the blog guide book says and I might not look like I just stepped out of a makeover reality show ... but I really miss just throwing my voice and my thoughts out there and the only one who expects anything less that just the story ... is me.

I've also avoided blogging because my relationship stuff has been a bit of a mess, to be honest. It's actually all of my relating, boys and girls and family and everything.

I haven't even stopped to tell you that my mom is now in Istanbul, engaged to someone she met on a dating site 9 months ago. She's coming back (don't panic) but I've missed out on sharing that whole love story with you because I've been staring at my vision board and fixating on why I can't manifest what I want. I should seriously slap myself when I think like that, considering I'm finally living my dream career and have literally transformed my image that I have people walk right past ... who have known me for years.

So let's see if this helps me get my A back into gear here.

I'm also heading to day 1000 ... and turning 40! What more do I want to get me excited about my Project Me?

4 comments on “So complicated for a girl who wants simple - project me post 952”

  1. So the question becomes:why does life get so complicated when we try so hard to keep it simple?

    When we think that we are evolved enough to know that the perfect figure/flawless makeup actually won't make us happy

    You would think that the universe would reward us with some smooth sailing for a while - instead we just find other stuff to bury us with

    My debate starts with:does me questioning my path, and how I ended up here, actually mean that i am questioning my faith - and "The plan" I am so desperate to believe in.

    Does the universe not realise how willing I am to put the work in
    I inead of 'wasting all that energy I could be using on improving myself to navigate Murphy and all the challenges/bad luck that seems to be part of my destiny

    1. We sound like two peas in a pod with our questions for the universe hun. I could totally do with some smooth sailing, but mind all seems to be in the personal side of my life .I wish I could spread some of my easy manifestation and happy sailing stuff across the different facets of my life a little 😉

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