So much to say and no time to say it - project me day 128

9 May 2010

It's after lunch has started on the afternoon of mother's day and I'm sure my sister is awaiting our already late arrival. And ... I've got so much to say about my day yesterday.

I can't even blog later because then I'm going to have to be blogging about today ... OMG ... time is so playing cat and mouse with me today.

Seeing as though this isn't the mother's day blog ... I'll do all my special wishes later. But for now I'll do the quickest sum up of a super successful yet super scary 'project me' day yesterday.
Both of them are a whoo ...

The whoo hoo and excitement goes out to the first course Greggie and I have ever run under the company name. So excited ... it was so amazing to be teaching again.

the other whoo ...goes out to the scary way I spent my evening. Being woed ?by a much younger guy ... like not in his 30's yet guy! Problem is he's doing a damn fine job of whoo'ing me! She giggles and blushes! This is what 'project me' is all about ... going with the flow, having fun, throwing away all the rules and stopping my brain from all the reason and 'what if's' ...

On that note ... with butterflies and heart somewhere between my throat and toes ... I'm off to celebrate mother's day!

7 comments on “So much to say and no time to say it - project me day 128”

    1. Alright Irish ... let me first thank you for my very early happy birthday wish ... but I was merely pointing out that an age gap of 29 to 37 is one I've certainly never experienced before ... tee hee

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