So this is what hard work is like - project me day 564

22 July 2011
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Once again, another fly through the day's events because it's nearly midnight and tomorrow I have a very exciting morning. It's the first Twitter girlie breakfast that I'm hosting tomorrow at my fave ... La Vie en Rose.

I did, however, have dinner tonight with 5 friends that I had to cook for. Before that it was a good couple of hours with Stephen van Niekerk and bringing his website to life. I am so grateful to have my Greggie at my side because he has patience with the technical stuff that just goes over my head.

Before that was a dash to the shops for ingredients for chicken soup that I promised Stephen and Greggie.

Before that was a meeting at the hairdresser to approve the project me partnership and pick up my first batch of products.

Before that was getting ready for tomorrow's breakfast and a talk I am giving on Monday morning for my project me partner - RegimA's Christmas in July function.

Before that ... *yawn* ... I think you get the picture!

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