So this is writer's block - Day 14

14 January 2010
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Tonight I?m going to treat you to a tour of the mind and life of a writer ... with writer?s block!

So yesterday Greggie sent me his portion of the monthly newsletter and my ego is still adjusting to the realisation that it?s not a competition and when I?m good and ready, the newsletter will be published. Well, my ego?s still learning that because today was mission ?finish newsletter?.

So I get my super early morning message from Text Guy and it?s my cue to begin writing at sparrows. I?ll be done before the average person?s even arrived at work. I open the laptop, check facebook and emails and find a few things here and there to distract me from beginning my writing day.

The words are mulling through my head and the topic has been implanted in my mind for a few days, so it should be a breeze to write.

The house comes alive and I decide that I can?t possibly write while cute little four year olds are distracting me. So, instead, I skype.
Princess Kiki is politely crapping on me for having my little self doubt moment and I share my concerns about what my siblings think about me moving back home. I love her response to me and just have to quote it to you! ?Until you slip in the bathroom and get struck by lightning and can hear thoughts don?t think about what people might be thinking.? .... Love it!
We also decide to spend a day shopping around for tattoo people that don?t scare the heck out of me (she says in jest ... but is amused at the entire body and piercing tattooed charactes) and we have plans ... yay!

I attempt to write again and that fails, so I chat to Greggie (who asks me how the writing is going ... I mumble!)

It?s breakfast!
I fill my water jug and move from the bed (with my laptop) to the table. I sit at the table ... and think about what to write.
I call the hairdresser to make an appointment. That?s priority ... the roots are really showing!

I live near a sports stadium and it?s beginning to fill up with a big crowd, so I think it best to go to gym early before my street becomes a nightmare and I can?t leave my house to gym later! You?d think the sports fans were going to brocade me in and there?d be no escape.

I gym ... to ABBA ... and let the entire newsletter flow through my brain so that it?s easy to write when I get home.

Hmmmm ... at home, my mother has an interview with a new candidate for the cruise ships(she recruits for Spa?s onboard) and my older nephews arrive to spend time with granny. Oh well, now there?s no ways I can write (now that was a brilliant excuse, seeing as though the house has many quiet nooks and crannies) ... so

I have to force myself to watch ?Zack and Cody? on Disney Channel, while lying on the bed with my boys. It makes me grateful for my youth and I miss the smurfs and He-Man!

They go play!
I sit down to write!
The crowds outside distracts me and passersby occupy my mind. But don?t fret ... the words are still mulling through my mind ... I just have to write them down! That shouldn?t take too long.

I text Text Guy! I chat to a friend on MSN! I speak to Greggie again! Facebook calls! I retweet my posts! I text my guy again! Hmmmm ... maybe I should get dressed and go finish the transfer of the cell phones? No, crowds are too much outside ... I?ll just write!

I?ve failed to mention that the entire time I have been drinking green tea and water with the unconscious plan of either having to get up to make the tea and fill the jug ... or go pee!! Cunning I tell you! Yet, I?m always busy because my mind is still playing the same newsletter over in my head. It?s not a problem, it won?t take long to write.


Hmmm ... facebook needs me! My blog needs some sorting ... let?s phone Knight! He?s busy ... dammit! Not to worry ... I?ll just write! Need tea ... need to pee!!

After two o?clock and it?s now time to write!
I have a pep talk to myself, think about the exciting work I have for tomorrow and the realisation that I have to be at the hairdresser and sort out the cell phone ... but most importantly ... Greggie is finished his bit! The combo inspires me to start writing!

Greggie calls ... woo hoo! Distraction! Guess why he called ... NO!!! I haven?t finished yet!!!

And then it happens!
I sit down (after one last cup of tea and a pee) and in less than an hour I have written a magically beautiful newsletters. It?s proofed and ready to be posted with fifteen minutes to spare before 5pm!!

What a rocking day!
I am beginning to think that not working at night is going to be a great thing. Hmmmm ... why do I get the feeling that I?m going to be even more productive without working till 3am ... writer?s block and all!

And for the cherry on the cake ... I?m blogging early, climbing onto the couch and taking time to say ?Hi? to some very special friends who have been so patient with me in the evenings where I?ve had half a chat here and there! I think you are slowly starting to gather that I?ve made the most beautiful friends around the world and my skype/msn chats mean the world to me! On that note... have to dash ... a special friend (Fence guy ... who you?ll meet soon) has just popped online and I want to see if the snow is causing less havoc!

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