Social Media Tuesday at Crowne Plaza JHB is born - project me day 599

23 August 2011
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Breakfast at the Crowne Plaza

Hindsight is good except when the photo opportunity has passed and I wish I had captured the first crowd who shared today's moment with me.

Lifeology has had so many great idea and plans but it's taken so long to make anything happen and today I felt as though something eternally empowering happened ... I got to do what I love for a fee. I'm jumping straight in there because, if you have been following my 'project me' journey, you know that money and I have been long lost friends. It's one of the lessons that I have had to learn in order to truly teach it. I've had to realise that it's not as easy as just doing what you love and money falls from the sky. It's a?perceptional?that is out there in so many self help and books on laws of attraction. On the other hand, there is the reality that takes patience, integrity, determination and nerves of steel.

Hmmm ... that's my same formula for social media too.
I've really minded my p's and q's when it has come to the term 'guru' ... not only in social media but in my metaphysical and spiritual journey too. It takes a lot to be a guru and I certainly don't want my name to be associated to that just yet ... if I get there it will be with the same energy that I am now earning money. Just that ... I've earned it.
In the same breath, to be recognised as a social influencer and see how I can take all I have learned and sharing it with others, is the greatest gift in the world.

Even more exciting for me is so many people have believed in me that they have been prepared to support Lifeology in the most amazing ways. I can't begin to express my pride in the collaboration between my business and one of SA's top hotels,Crowne Plaza Johannesburg. That's huge compliment that will always remind me there are things that money just can't buy and recognising things just as much as I intend to smile at my bank account.

@derekm11 (because we are now our Twitter Handles) has been amazing from the moment we met and I am so grateful for all the support in both #SMTuesday (the hashtag for Social Media Tuesday) and #FollowSA.

Sabio Communications is a PR company who have given me yet another gift with the support of a dedicated team who believe in me enough to be driving the Social Media Tuesday breakfasts with me. Another thing that money just can't buy.

If I weren't nervous before or after then I guess there would be something very wrong with me. However ... I had the time of my life. I totally lived my dream today. I know ... I live it every day, but there's something different about taking my passion and my dream and turning it into my career.

For a first, I couldn't be more grateful for the crowd that surrounded me. It was as close to what I?envisioned?as possible, with full interaction from the 12 guests who had breakfast with me and got to ask me anything pertaining to social media. That's my strength right there ... tell me what you see for your brand and I will tell you how to socialise it online.

I'm one happy chick today ... one freaking happy chick!

Lastly ... I know, it's Oscar time again ... but I wouldn't have been able to do it with such confidence if my best friend and business partner where not at the table doing what he does best ... smiling, observing telling me when it was time to stop talking. Thanks you @ohgodknows!!

A quick ps ... I will be on ChaiFM 101.9fm tomorrow morning at 10:30am talking about social media in SA and the upcoming #FollowSA launch.

One comment on “Social Media Tuesday at Crowne Plaza JHB is born - project me day 599”

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