Someone dared to ask - project me day 375

10 January 2011

As a blogger one of the most inspirational end exciting moments is the interaction that I get with my my readers and followers. Every comment makes me smile and when the discussion continues into relationships and eventually into friendships, it is the cherry on the cake.

Even greater than that is when I have a moment like yesterday where I posted a blog that answered a whole lot of fun questions to get to know ?me a little better. I then threw it out there for the world to dare to ask me questions and what do you know ... @Champ_Payne took up the dare. Wow, there are some interesting questions here.

I have always had a little anxiety about putting myself in a position of answering spontaneous questions by anyone who chooses to. Maybe I hid away a little and took a little longer to blossom into the public eye for fear of moments when someone could ask me anything. These questions have proved to me that I'm getting 'project me' so right because I know, from these questions, that I am living my truth. My philosophy is that, if you live within your integrity, there is nothing in the world that you ever have to hide from anyone ... these questions are a perfect example.

Thanks again to @Champ_Payne for taking the time to ask the questions and for giving me yet another reason to shine int the true light of who I am. I have a sneaky suspicion that you have a few more to ask along the way!

1. Do you date for potential of money?

Alright, I need someone to have a job and not be driving their mother?s car, or worse, be asked to be fetched for our date but I?m not a high maintenance girl who loves shopping or needs a cupboard full of shoes. I think if you date for the potential of anything you are heading for trouble. Always ask yourself: ?What if nothing changes? and see if you can live with and love that person as they are in that very moment ? every aspect of them and not just the fact that they can give you financial stability.

2. Emotion or reason, which one do you obey?
It always starts with emotion and usually gets into a debate with the people around me because apparently there is a place for reason in this world. In the end I win out most of the time because my emotional reaction is actually my truth and therefore, a damn good reason!

3. Why do you think a person has lines under their toes?
Lol, you have me staring at my toes. I would say because every part of our body is unique and it?s another way of making us one of a kind

4. Complete the sentence: The path to a man?s heart is through...
being true to your own.

5. What do you think the first dog looked like?
A miniature dinosaurs-rex with a waggy tail.

6. Do you think everything happens for a reason?
Absolutely, but I don?t think it?s for you to try figure out why it happened, like it was plotted by an external force. I think it?s for you to take responsibility for the fact that youc create your reality and that you can do anything with what happened and discover the power of choice.

7. If you are a shark supporter and the sharks decide to buy 80% of the blue bulls for next season, would you still support the sharks, as technically you are supporting the majority of the previous year?s bulls players?
I?m a Vaalie through and through ? there shall be not talk of Shark of Bulls on this blog. And if you laugh at me, well, ? um, go ahead and laugh, everyone else is!

8. What do you think of second chances?
I?ve had to learn to give people some of those and sometimes it?s worked out and other times I?ve been right from the beginning. I think if you figure out why someone needs a second chance in the first place and there is no pity or manipulation involved, then it?s worth a shot. What?s the worst that can happen anyway, right?

9. What motivates you to get up in the morning?
Wow ? that I am living my life purpose! My potential and self worth and the fact that I live by the philosophy that everything I do should be fun, so I?ve made sure of that even through the tough times. I think everyone has a Garfield morning once in a while though!

10. What lets your legs turn into jelly?
Chivalry ? someone who leans over to open your door, or doesn?t shoo the flower lady away or holds out their hand to help you step over a puddle.

11. Does size matter?
Not nearly as much as chemistry does.

12. What do you daydream about?
Book signings across the world, an auditorium full of attendees excited to hear my teach, my house full of friends who had to diarise the date months in advance to all be in town at the same time because our worldly successes have us scattered across the globe and lazing on a Sunday with someone who wouldn?t be anywhere else in the world.

13. The life of the party: yes or no?
I say no but my friends might say I make more impact than I realise.

14. Pink or blue milkshake?
Oooh, pink!! Double thick!

15. If you could say anything now that you aren?t suppose to say, what would you say?
Lol, I don?t think there isn?t anything you can say to at least one person but other things are inappropriate at any one time. I would love to stand on my soapbox and say a few things to some South Africans who moan about the violence in this country when a 22 year old American can gun down half a dozen innocent people in the land of the free. He didn?t even want a watch or a TV. But that?s just my opinion for today of course!

16. Are you doing what you really want to do? If not, why?
I am doing EXACTLY what I want to do!

17. What would I / we never have guessed about you?
Jeez, that?s something I should get a friend to answer. Um, I?m so totally honest in my blog that I don?t think there is anything no one knows. Maybe a friend or blog follower can give their penny?s worth here 😉

18. It?s the middle of winter and you have an upset tummy, what do you take? Glass of milk, whisky, or Imodium?
I never knew about the milk remedy, I thought it was worse for a tummy. I?m not big on pills so I would go for the whisky. Actually, I think that an apple settles a tummy best of all ? you should try it some time.

19. If you were registered on an online dating site. What would your catch phrase be?
I was and my catch phrase was: Chat to me if you have been there, done that, got the t-shirt and finished wearing it proudly. Could be why it wasn?t that successful and adventure maybe ? lol!

20. Real men drink pink drinks.? Yes / no ?
Of course yes! Just ask Robbie 😉

10 comments on “Someone dared to ask - project me day 375”

  1. Hahahaha... yeah, um... rather beware pink drinks!! 😉

    Then again, double think pink milkshake sounds good to me 😀

    Correct answer to number four: The path to a man’s heart is through…
    "his chest with a sharp knife!" 😛

    I'm not sure everything happens for a reason, although everything is the result of something... so more a case of there is a reason behind everything.

    Number 10... hahahaha... I've got like every Teddy Bear ever sold by those damn flower ladies 🙁 They've got me whipped! That said, I've very fond of a few of them 🙂
    My recent post Zombie

    1. LOL ... maybe we should send you some questions to answer ... you are very good at it, Robbie 😉

      Oh damn, I forgot to say that I'd faint if I got a teddy!!!

      1. Send... send... :p

        I must have over two hundred teddies in one form or another (think about 15 Tiggers alone). The roses are kinda cheesy, but after a mate and I decided that we wouldn't let the one flower seller go until we'd sold all of her flowers she became a pro at twisting arms at times we were stuck just taking them anyway. 😀
        My recent post Zombie

          1. Pics... I don't need pics, you only need look inside my place. The bunk beds are covered in fluffy toys (you can't even make out that it's a batman duvet) as well as a whole kist of them.

            My flat in the Cape used to be a landmark because I had a whole window, overlooking the pub and main road that was just full of fluffy's. But, you want pics... 😉
            My recent post Zombie

          2. Tee hee hee Robbie ... I'm sure that makes for a very romantic evening! I mean what girl can resist batman and a bed full of teddys?

          3. Katy Perry wore one the other day on the Graham Norton show ... what kinda chick actually gets away with wearing one of those? Oh well ... next lifetime 😉

  2. I love these questions they are too cute.. I am assuming that bull and shark is a political group kind of like our republicans and democrats. Absolutely men drink pink drinks..

    1. Best I go in and do a link of two to the sharks and bulls ... who are two of our national rugby teams. 😉 I think football is your sport on your end of the world 😉

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