Something completely different - project me day 226

15 August 2010

I woke up this morning with a big blue toe (and I have no idea how I got it), a sore back (and we know that's from totally overworking and no play) and a whole lot of reason to roll over and go back to sleep. I contemplated canceling my confirmed arrangements but knew that lying in bed all day would be the worst thing for 'project me'.

I need to move, get out a bit and know that I can make all my dreams come true during the week and while the sun is shining during those weekly hours.
"Do something different" is something that I tell everyone else to do and today it was my turn. Do something completely different.
I've been chatting to this really charming guy for the past few weeks and yesterday he invited me to a day out with him and his daughter. An entire day on a first date? With a teenage daughter? To the zoo? How's that for different?

I totally trust my instincts with who I say 'yes' to and I've never been wrong since. Besides the odd one or two guys I've stayed friends with all of them that I've gone on dates with and I had a nice, safe and comfortable feeling over the days of chatting.
I'm not hunting! I know that so many people are out there looking to date, so when the person isn't the greatest match they don't even bother meeting. I've met too many decent yet?incompatible?men to know that you don't just pass up the chance at making a friend or meeting a special person. I do make it clear that the intention is friends because it's always easier getting into something than having to wangle my way out of a whole lot of false hopes.
Today really made me realise that 'project me' has been better for me that I've realised (in some areas of my life!)
I used to panic that I would be alone and then over compensate it with pretending that I was fine on my own, but now I know I won't always be on my own and am not searching for "The ONE".

Today was completely different and so worth it. I took the risk and went on a totally blind date to the most unexpected of places, with a teenager thrown in the mix.
I'm not getting into the whole zoo debate and whether it's humane or not ... I've had that battle in my head and I still don't know how I feel. There were moments when I couldn't believe I was there and other moments when I was totally excited to see a certain animal. Then I did something totally different again ... I stopped thinking and started being.

As days go it was great! I know we'll stay friends and my back loved being outside and not stuffed behind a computer all day. He totally got how twitchy I am and how I can't sit still for a moment and wondered how I get lost behind a computer for hours. One day I will talk you through my multi-tasking activities that go on behind a computer and show you how a girl managed to be totally twitchy and all over the place without getting up off the chair for a week. But for today ... I did something completely different.

3 comments on “Something completely different - project me day 226”

  1. As Yoda would say, "Do one thing every day that would scare even Darth Maul."

    Life's too short to keep yourself boxed in looking for one particular thing. As the old saying goes, be careful of what you wish for, you might just get it. The same would be those out there looking for something specific or The One.

    Life's greatest moments, experiences and other things find us when we least expect it. Try everything once (or twice it if was really bad). 😀
    My recent post Tomorrow Never Dies

    1. I like your idea of trying something again if you didn't like it the first time. Some of them, like oysters, I'm going to argue against ... but there are other things that I could fake not liking in order to give it another whirl 😉

      1. Yeah, well foods are one thing... but generally some of the more "interesting" thing's I've done because it seemed like a bad idea at the time. I honestly would never have gone skydiving if I had thought it to be a good idea! (That'll never be a good idea!)

        More often than not it's perception that dictates whether we'll like it or not. Once you're over that... try it again. If you still don't like it, then give it up as a bad idea - or simply make someone else do it.
        My recent post Tomorrow Never Dies

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