Sometimes you just have to ask - project me day 636

1 October 2011
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Yes it's totally shocking that the laptop wasn't insured but what's done is done and I have to think out the box and make a plan from here. I am hating every second of not being able to blog with the freedom and passion that I am accustom to.

Yesterday I went to the South African Ballet Theatre's production of Sleeping Beauty at the Joburg Theatre and I would love to say so much but am battling to post pics and blog from my phone. I wish I weren't moaning (in a bad way) but I am ... not for long though.

I can't believe how willing people are to help. I know that a lot are hot air as I've discovered over the last few days but others are so genuine and last night I got the offer that whoever sponsors me a laptop will get a mention on the local newspaper because this blogger seems to be loved by the community enough to get that kind of support.

Beggars can't be choosers ... I know that! But, I have also realised that I have worked hard enough and am passionate enough to approach the suppliers and stockists of Apple to get a MACbook ... well, it's worth a shot!

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