Soul Whisperer, Vanessa A'Wakan partners with project me - project body week 19

13 November 2011
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For more about Vanessa, see her website:

In 1991 my grandmother passed away in my bed. My mom sat with her as she moved from one lifetime to the next and at that moment my life would never be the same again. After receiving a book on Jewish death and dying, my mom had the first urge to explore the mysteries of life and before long, we were sharing a very powerful journey.

As the spiritual part of my delved into every avenue of questioning and spirituality, my physical life took a back seat, where I've never quite managed to have the two worlds?collide?in harmony. My weight was always a trigger for me, but it's only been since 'project me' and my conscious?decision to journal my relationship with my body, that I've notice how the weight is only a catalyst to a far greater relationship I am destined to have with myself.

My journey took a dramatic but soul connecting turn when Rory Jean-Jacques partnered with 'project me'. I'm still drinking his herbal remedy and the cravings aren't there, but my body is still in turmoil and calling for me to pay attention to a few undiscovered areas of my life. Believe it or not, there seems to be a very arrogant part of me, who just can't believe that I'm not 'healed'. I look at the years of self discovery and spiritual work I have done. I look at my journey with Tantra, The Goddess and so many other amazing aspects of spirit, yet I still haven't met ME.

The connections I have made on Twitter has taught me to take the suggestions of people to meet and so many of them have been life changing. It's no surprise that the Universe (remembering we are the Universe) would send me the gift of a recommendation from Rory to meet Vanessa A'Wakan.
Vanessa is an?internationally?trained shamanic mentor and qualified Louise Hay Facilitator. She has been facilitating life-changing workshops in England, Scotland and various cities in South Africa for the past 25 years. Today, Vanessa travels to Hawaii once a year for intensive shamanic training and a retreat on the volcanoes with the Huna shamans. A healer, mentor, teacher and?spontaneous?channel,?Vanessa?believes that all beings have an inherent spark of magnificence. She has spent the past 25 years?leading?others to experience their aspects of self and it with humble blessings that I welcome Vanessa as a partner of my 'project me' journey.

This going to be a journey that I will blog about, but the initial meeting was a magical experience that started with something I am all too familiar with ... numerology. Amazingly, I still don't know Vanessa's formula but her analysis was a story of my life. A perfect tale of the spiritual journey I have been on for so many years, the potential impact I know I can (and will have) on the world, but the constant chaos. The 5 ... the number of chaos and they the light side that can be filled with balance and creativity. Hence my overwhelming excitement and anticipation as these sessions unfold with Vanessa.

She gave me an incredible daily exercise to do and I have been waiting to share it with you. Each day, she has asked me to find that one moment in my day where I am conscious of and feel the 'joy'. A moment of joy can't be too hard to find, but it's made me aware of just how unconscious we truly are in a day. How very far from 'present' I can be at some times and how far from my purpose I stray in those moments when I'm not wondering 'will this be my moment of joy?'

I can't believe how much happiness, faith, courage and passion has filtered into my life in the short week that I have been more awake and conscious just by remembering to find my moment of joy.
My relationship with Pat has been so much more alive and real. My opportunities have opened up so many doors and I am far more clear on my purpose and my career direction. There have been countless moments of gratitude, happiness and faith, that I know I would have missed if I were not learning the technique of staying in the now.

The amazing thing is that I have done countless work that should have given me the gift I am learning through Vanessa, but what is our journey of 'project me' if we didn't remember that timing, soul connection and faith in the process is vital for the tools to?resonate?and work with us.

On the other side of the coin, there is a part of me that I know every well but still need to understand the reason why, but I'm eating like crazy. I'm eating things that I know I shouldn't even though there are no cravings. This is just bad choices and it's always linked to my spiritual journey. So for now, I'm being kind to myself and watching my moments of joy, knowing that the one thing I do have is a great faith in myself and my willingness to see this journey though.

I wish you would join me in finding that one moment in your day that brings you the most joy. Journal it. Blog about it. Tweet it. Share it with someone ... and live the life is your project me story.


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