Splish splash I was taking a bath - project me day 674

10 November 2011
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If you are in Africa, you will know just how freaking hot it is at the moment, if not ... step into the oven and welcome to our world.

It's what everyone's talking about ... it's what everyone's thinking about and it's making it difficult to talk or think.

Go figure, today has been filled with excitement as both Pat and myself have had to get some urgent proposals off to companies. It's sweet ... he reads mine and I read his and we give each other the stamp of approval.

But ...
He finished his proposal ages ago and I stalled him as much as I could while I tweaked and re-read mine. I'm sitting here sticky, sweaty and being attacked by?mosquitoes while he's soaking in a warm bath ...

So ... Love ya but I've gotto go ... splish splash!!

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