{Sponsor: The Peech Hotel} Mr and Mrs Nicholl's honeymoon surprise

19 February 2011

Although it wan't a "SURPRISE!!" kind of surprise, all the sweat and tears to give my little sis and her new hubby a special wedding night treat was made possible by The Peech Hotel in Melrose, Johannesburg.

I have never seen such sadness and chaos to the build up to a wedding, with the best man, bridesmaid, master of ceremonies and the marriage officer all announcing, at different stages, that they couldn't attend the wedding. The worst of it all was when my sis's ex-business partner took her for a ride and left her with no money about 6 weeks before her wedding.

My little sis and her incredibly caring husband didn't deserve this and I was determined to give them as much of a fairytale wedding as possible. That would not include returning to their apartment on the night of their wedding. From the moment I sent out a call for assistance, The Peech hotel were beyond willing to help and I have no words to express my gratitude to the incredible team who made it all possible. But this isn't my story ... it's that of my little sis and her hubby. If my sis stands on a chair, she will still be a smidgen shorter than her towering husband and their love oozes into everything they do or say, so I asked them to write about their wedding surprise because I just knew it would show you just why they deserved the time of their lives:

After spending a very emotional day with family and friends at our wedding and picking up a few odds and sodds our brother drove us (chauffeur style) to the peech hotel, which our lovely sister, ?Jodene, organised for us.

We were dropped off at the hotel? with our overnight bags and thankfully a kind friend of Jodene's, Twinkletoes, ?had checked in for us already so all we had to do was collect the keys and make our way to the room.
The staff were very courteous and helped us with all our wedding presents to the room because I insisted that I wanted to open them all before going to sleep. When we got to the front desk we found out the room number which low and behold happened to be ?our? lucky number 13 and the date of our wedding and two years previous engagement.

So we plodded on to room 13 with our full wedding attire and gifts in tow. We arrived at the room and the porter opened the door to a beautifully decorated room there were red chocolate hearts were strewn all over the bed. We had a peep into the bathroom quickly ?which had been decorated with rose petals all over the rather large bath. A beautiful Large shower was calling our names the shower head was the size of a big dinner plate which was great for myself and my bride.
We battled a little to get out of attire due to the complicated? clips and zips all over the place and I had to help my wife take out all 35 hair clips that were holding her hair in the exact place her sister had put it. We had a lovely shower and I reminded my wife that it was not necessary to dry off completely because there were amazingly soft and comfortable towling dressing gowns and they would absorb and moisture left on us.
We then proceeded to move to the bed which must have been 2 three quarter beds pushed together it was huge and extremely comfortable and we proceeded to unpack all our wedding gifts one by one obviously keeping all the cards so that we could send thank you cards to all our friends and family.
Oh I forgot to mention that we? had air conditioning? in the room and because my wife sweats in the middle of winter so I set it to 18 degrees.

We didn?t even get around to drinking the wine left in the room for us. We drifted off to sleep. We were planning to wake late in the morning but we are so used to getting up early these days seeing as though our home is currently a construction site, so we were up at eight in the morning. It was so nice to get dressed in a tranquil environment on the first day of our lives as a married couple and then we proceeded down to the garden area for our breakfast which there was a lovely original menu and being from the industry is hard to impress me. There was a lovely selection of freshly sliced fruits a selection of yoghurts and some yummy chocolate muffins which we almost could not finish.
My wife thoroughly enjoyed her English muffins with wilted spinach poached eggs and parmesan sauce and I devoured a bacon and cheese omelette which was great. While we were having breakfast I noticed a beautiful bottle and noticed that on it stated that you can purchase said bottles at reception. I was not worried about the cost of the bottle because it was beautiful and we needed to have something to keep to remember the wonderful experience.

We settled the bill and went back to the room to prepare to leave. We called room service to ask for a porter to help with our bags and all the amazing gifts we received. They were so quick that we almost got a fright when they knocked on the door. There were two very neatly dressed gentlemen waiting to help us with everything. We all walked down the beautiful gardens and waited for our Chauffeur to arrive.
We sat comfortably on the couches and when he did arrive we were welcomed to the doors being opened by our wonderful brother and taken home.

Thank you to The Peech hotel for making this beautiful story a memorable one to always be cherished.

About the Sponsor: The Peech Hotel in Melrose, Johannesburg

We're located in Melrose, a chic suburb in between Sandton, Rosebank and Melrose Arch.

Sandton, the city's business hub, is ten minutes by car. Rosebank & Melrose Arch's shops are five minutes. The airport is 45 minutes by car or 25 minutes by Gautrain & taxi.

The hotel is opposite the James & Ethel Gray Park and adjacent to the Planet Fitness Wanderers gym (to which guests have access).

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12 comments on “{Sponsor: The Peech Hotel} Mr and Mrs Nicholl's honeymoon surprise”

  1. What a well written blog post matt, made me feel like I was there 🙂 what a wonderful way to begin your lives together as husband and wife.

    1. Isn't he just such an awesome writer? I adore how the love oozes though and I can't wait for these to love birds to blossom and grow!
      How gorgeous do the rooms at The Peech look?

  2. It looks like a very pretty place to spend the first night of your married life. I know you are in laws but writing runs in the family.

    1. That's so kind and my brother in law will be totally flattered. He's as proud as punch that he got to post a story ... and such a precious one too!

    1. Thank you so much. I'm hoping the sponsorship idea really takes off and gives my blog good exposure. As you know I'm determined to make a living out of this blog of mine! 😉

  3. What a lovely gesture Jodene. Your sister is very lucky to have been treated to such luxury by you!

    1. Thank you so much Trish. My sis and I have come a long way and it's something I really wanted to do for them. The Peech hotel were just amazing by helping me spoil this beautiful couple and make a little of each one of our dreams comes true.

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