Start your story happily ever after - project me post 1006

6 April 2014
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happily ever after project meI've had the most amazing past few weeks. It has been filled with confirmation that what I believe works, actually works. I'm not sure if that only makes sense to me, but who do we know something we believe in is real until we have tried and proved it to ourselves?

Amazing things are starting to happen with telling my Project Me story, including having spoken at TedX in Vanderbijlpark. It's been on my vision board and in my big plans to speak on the Ted platform and that moment was one huge step closer. From that, the spin offs have been amazing and it's rekindled my reflections and steps that it's taken to live "project me'.
I'm now working with an awesome PR agency, who are going to help me create more awareness and really work on getting into the speaker circuit. In the process, they have asked me two write the story of my life, which highlights key moments along my Project Me journey.

Of course they asked me for it well over a week ago and although a dozen things keep stopping me from sitting down and writing this story that I know by heart, I haven't stopped thinking about the special story that has been my life. Because everything works in perfect synchronicity, I am starting to reap the rewards that I started to visualise and wonder if I would manifest when I started to blog my story. I threw many things out there and then clung to whatever belief in myself and how I believe the universe works, and lo and behold ... it's here!

In my TedX talk I spoke not only about the things that I have manifested, but also the things that I have not been able to, no matter how hard I have tried. That part of life is still boggling me, but what would be do if there were no mystery left?
From career opportunities, financial freedom to material manifestations coming true, almost to a Tee, people now want to know how Project Me really works. More than that, the whole point of this (in hindsight) is that I'm not the only one who should be living Project Me. Back to that starting point then ...

I shouldn't be blogging. I should be writing my story that the PR agency are patiently waiting for. I go into autopilot and reflect back, as if the story would be begin with, "once upon a time," but all I can think of is ?"and she lived happily ever after?"
I visualise every day and I have a vision board, with some definite things I want and some ideas of what I think I want, but either way, my thoughts definitely haven't changed from what I have generally wanted.

If I tell you that I have sat in my car and screamed, with abundant joy, at the things that I have manifested of late, would you believe me? I've literally yelped in gratitude and now that I'm consciously about to write my story, I'm realising how very important it is to start at:


One comment on “Start your story happily ever after - project me post 1006”

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