Step A.W.A.Y from the collective - project me day 676

13 November 2011
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I'm one of those who does believe everything happens for a reason, although Greggie does always remind me that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. On the other hand, I always think about the time the cigar will be smoked and know that that?occasion?or moment is always unique in itself.

So last night was a scorcher and after an awesome night out with my very dear friend @LizaSutherland, we returned home to a blackout. It's an everyday thing in SA, so I whipped out the blackberry and used the very nifty 'torch' application to guide us to bed, in the sweltering heat. The bummer was that we just bought a fan that afternoon and didn't have the pleasure of indulging in the coolness ... so I went to bed without blogging.

I could have asked for a better planned turn of events because, had I blogged yesterday, my story would have been totally different from the one I really want to tell.

I've been blessed with incredible people in my life, but one of the fundamental teachings of Lifeology is that everyone needs someone to believe in them. I have that too ... a lot of people. But it's not the quantity that counts. It's the moment ...
It's the moment with one particular person (in the pool of people who believe in me) that sparks a change and sets the course of a totally new (or just re-ignited) reminder of my purpose and my journey.

Of course I met Liza through Twitter. If it weren't for meetings like that, I would have been nearly as passionate about #FollowSA. I feel as though we have been friends forever and last night, while my man chatted to her man, we had some times to truly just be and connect.

In all the belief my friend has in me, and all the words of advice, support and praise, it took me a night filled with heat and mozzies to find the realisation in a seemingly normal chat amongst friends.

On Thursday night I spent ages putting together my talks and courses to start promoting to everyone. I was so proud of everything I put to together and boastfully sent them off to someone who asked for them and then to Greggie. ?I was proud as punch about putting together talks that I know people want. But Pat always says, "I want never gets". ?I did the one thing that is so far from 'project me' that it's scares me to know I can slip so far away from myself. I did what I think the world wants and not what I am most passionate about. I climbed into the collective and begged everyone to look at me.

This morning is totally different. I will be sending a mail out to Greggie and the other person I sent info off to and I will be telling them that my new talks will be coming through to them. I will tell them to hold all their horses and wait for my signal to share the real Jodene, the unique Jodene, with the world.

In a nutshell, I put talks together about the 'hows' of social media and I forgot that I'm not the 'how' girl ... I'm the 'why' girl! I didn't even mention FollowSA or Project Me in any of my talk options, but instead, I became the generic of the very things I know people WANT. They will get it... from other sources ... and that will be perfect. Because once they have it (and human nature always works this way), they won't know what to do with it. That's my calling ... that's my place in the world ... That's my purpose.

What's yours?


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