Styling to sloshed in 10 easy steps - project me day 250

8 September 2010

Don't get excited, there aren't actually ten easy steps and if there are it's not a good idea for me to count right now.

I had this whole blog planned about how amazing my day ways and how super proud I am of Greg with his first corporate talk to Standard Bank. I was going to gush at ?how they just adored him and want him to talk at other branches but how I'm not one bit surprised, because my best friend just rocks.

I was also going to talk about how damn good my back feels and how I had the touch up to my tattooed eyes today. I was also going to tell you about how it's the Jewish new year and that my little sister did the whole dinner and set the table and that my dad would have been so damn proud.

I would if I hadn't have had the fabulous turn of events that took me from top of the world to bottom of the white wine bottle in approximately 20 seconds and two skype chats.
Yep, my mojo was slashed by one guy telling me that he had met someone after I had rejected him and he hopes I stop being so closed off ... or was it that he hopes I become more receptive. Is that why I'm single? Am I closed off and not receptive? Don't I want to be loved because I think I do and that I am doing my best to find it. Oh ... and I am not allowed to cry because I had my eyes tatooed and it will sting like hell if I do.

If that wasn't enough, my chipper exterior was chipped away by being told that if I wasn't prepared to be the cheating partner then it had taken less than 24 hours to replace me. I was considering asking Greggie to be my guest blogger for one night, but the fear of his impression of this particular choice of man might just tarnish my sparkling reputation.

Ok ... so I'm thinking my taste in men kinda sux!

I'm also thinking that a bottle of white wine has numbed both the eyes, the realities and the potential hurts of the words that rolled off the male tongue.

I think tomorrow's blog is more?appropriate?for the announcement of my guest post in She's the geek! That was cause for celebration and was dedicated to the first glass of wine.
The second was to celebrate the awesome success of Greggie's today and the excitement of an amazing future ahead.

The rest was just getting sloshed to avoid thinking about my life as a spinster with ten cats and slippers with little pom-poms on, drinking gin and tonics and telling someone else's grandchildren my stories of how I once knew a young man who ... um,?inappropriate?story!

Alright, before I lose my reputation, I'm going to sleep ... sloshed ... but at least I'm not cry and convincing myself not to believe that love is a non-existent sick joke!

14 comments on “Styling to sloshed in 10 easy steps - project me day 250”

  1. Ah sugar, it may be hours later but I'll drink with you...although by the time I get sloshed it will be Thursday afternoon for you and Wednesday night for me...or thereabouts ;).

    Guys suck, period. There are a few great ones out there, but all the dumbasses hide them from view making it tricky to tell them apart. You deserve the best there is, and he's out there waiting for you. MWUAH
    My recent post Happy HUMP Day

    1. I'm not giving up hope that there are just different types of people and that I need to realise who I am so that I can notice them. Alcohol does wonders to make you understand certain things. Well that's what it does to me ... along with giving me the hysterical giggles 😉
      I love you for reminding me just how special a person I need ... but I think in everyone's right they deserve their equal.

      1. :* you and me both on the giggles..unless I'm in a snarky mood then you DO NOT want me to drink. My be nice button gets distroyed.

        You're right, everyone deserves their equal and the best way to find it is to test drive a few 'cars'. You find out what you want and don't want. MWUAH you rock my ya too.
        My recent post Happy HUMP Day

        1. Okay now I just need to find me some cars to test drive ... where the hell are they? It seems everyone else is riding nice cars ... hmmm 😉

  2. Ah... relationships... well, from what I've been able to gather, between the two mentioned above. First one... just didn't work, must have been a reason you weren't getting it and decided to let be. Gotta let him move on... he did. Second one... quick to replace... perhaps you might have been quick to replace too. Some things are best left alone.

    Not all awesome people are going to be compatible... not all compatible are going to be awesome... makes things rather difficult. But there is that 100% out there.

    You've got some catching up to do. I've got 2 pairs of slippers (and had a third pair of bunny slippers) and already 3 cats. 😉


    @ Nikki... actually it's people in general that suck :p Guys, Girls... the whole lot. Which is why it's so special when you find someone that doesn't... or does 😉 depending on which you prefer 😀
    My recent post My Way

    1. I can picture us now with our rocking chairs side by side 😉

      So we've caught onto the 100% theory and that we all need it. Now it's showing my straight up just how off the mark I might be with what's been going on with issues of the heart. Between Yoda and God sometimes I get very annoyed at your bright-spark wisdom!

      1. Annoyed... :p nah, it's frustration. That the one person that should really be able to see things seems to miss them when everyone else can see it all too clearly. Think we all know that feeling to some degree.

        Yup... a rocking chair, cat on lap and no doubt a dog at the feet too. 😀
        My recent post My Way

        1. That's been my entire day with my dearest Greggie! He can see everything that I'm missing ... damn! 😉

          Oh ... and lemonade!

    2. HAHA see I agree 100%, except I tend to view women as evil and men as assholes...makes things more organized when I think about it ;). But yeah, eveyone sucks to some degree.

      My recent post Happy HUMP Day

  3. I was kinda looking forward to doing the blog - I had it all planned in my head. Of course, it would have had to have included all I have to say because I have this feeling it would be a once-off invitation. 😉
    My recent post When 95 is not enough

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