Success seriously is as scary as failure - Project Me post 1032

2 September 2014

I was in bed by 4pm, after raiding the fridge and combining an array of unhealthy food combination, because that's how I cope.

On a scale of 1 to 10, my day was pretty fabulous. I spent it with my business partner and then added the mix of our Chat Factory (yep, that's business number two) CreaTwit, Tris into the day's discussions and negotiations. While that was going on, I had one eye on my phone for my Legit Twit Assist, Ash, who may have needed me because it's reporting time for the clients.

All very grown up, was all that kept on ringing through my head. I distracted myself with food and the cuteness of my nephew's cats to avoid my head from freaking me out. At one point, I looked over at my business partner, who literally is the rock that keeps me from jumping ship (or dramatically attempting to). We have sat on the couch, with laptops, before.

Back then, however, we were doing calculations to see how we were going to keep afloat and trying to decide what else to do with our lives if the situation got any worse. I remember getting myself into a total panic (eating and staring at my cats) and knowing that I just had to make my career work, because I didn't want to do anything else with my life.

Something immediately turned around at the beginning of 2013, after having started the business in 2009, and learning the most distressing lessons about money and business. Like a slow train ride to success, Greg and I have been chuck chucking along, until all of a sudden there was a boom in clients and opportunities.

For the longest time I have been talking about our first business (I'm overly nurturing, so I'm going to call it our first born), Lifeology, born from the passion we both have for people development and human change. As my success grew in the social media space, we tried with all our might to shove social media (the new product of child one) into the mix of change and human behavior.

It took months to admit that it just wasn't working and that the product offerings were just too different. Once again, Greggie and I were sitting at a table, with more food, when we decided that it was time to have a second child.

chat factoryVery clear on what our service offering would be, it didn't take long to birth Chat Factory: The Social of Media. A social agency, with the focus on online engagement, was born.

I kid you not, this feeling of excitement is exactly the same as the feeling of being absolutely petrified.
Today, after chatting on the phone with Greg for way over an hour, the one thing that calmed me down is that we were both feeling as though success is as petrifying as failure.

Sitting on the couch, with the completely opposite financial and business agenda is a moment where gratitude and abundance just oozes, but there is nothing that could have ever prepared me for this next, exciting, yet absolutely petrifying phase of my #ProjectMe journey.

Advice ... keep thanking the universe and let yourself freak out a little, if not, a lot!

2 comments on “Success seriously is as scary as failure - Project Me post 1032”

  1. I just LOVED reading this and can SO relate with the 'grown up' feeling that goes with business growth. Warm hugs on your journey 🙂

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