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29 June 2012
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There is something so refreshing about reflection. I've watched how much easier it is to do it in the good spaces and how I dreaded looking back on day when the days weren't filled with as much self confidence and worth.
There are the baby steps of ending my day and looking back at all I have to be grateful for. All the things that I did right, felt I did right or made right. I've watched how my list has gotten longer since I got back on the #projectbody horse and how this week I couldn't wait to climb into bed and count my self gratitude.

Amazingly, Pat was away for most of the week (no, that's not why I was counting blessings so eagerly ;p). If it weren't for healthy head and body space I've found myself in, that time would have been filled with loneliness. It's amazing that my mom was staying at my sis at the same time, so I literally was alone for the first time in about 3 years.

Whilst snuggled in bed with the cats and sipping on my green tea (which is a surprisingly easy change from the addiction to tea-tea), I found myself having little moments of realisation. I think the first one came after the huge success and even bigger surprise at my first weigh-in with Kilo2Kili. Oh my greatness, I lost 3.1kg! The whole week I had been battling with the fact that my diet was filled with carbs and we've been trained that they are so bad for us. Even more shocking was that I was eating them at night, which has been drummed into me that that's a no-no! Yet, there I stood and just stared at this number with genuine shock and joy. I lay in bed thinking about what it's like to just trust.
I decided to put my full trust in Joni Kowensky from Kilo2Kili and despite all my fears around the food I was eating, faith paid off. I'm gonna try more of that ... trusting in the support of others and the universe.

My next realisation was sparked from an?unbelievable event that I attended. Firstly, it was such an honour to be recognised for my social standing and I was asked to invite 10 women who I believe to be?influential in the social media space. Wow, not that I was surprised, but I truly am surrounded by successful and powerful women in my life. The event was for Always Platinum, a silky and luxurious feminine pad (yes, one for the girls indeed). There was well over a weeks' buildup to a secret location and 'luxury where you least expect it'.
You know when you think of every possible venue and option to be wowed, but what you get is beyond an amazing surprised. We were collected from a spot in Sandton and then shuttled off to a secret venue that I certainly never would have guessed. There in the centre of town, was Park Station. It's where the trains come and go, but tucked away in a place that used to bustle is The Blue Room. It's literally an old part of the station and I can't imagine what it must have looked like with the cold concrete and purposeful design. But, what we arrived to was a transformation into one of the most?gorgeous events I've ever had the?privilege?of attending. A gorgeous?lavender hazed every corner with lights, while food and entertainment truly revealed that luxury is where you least expect it. A brilliant tagline for a women's product I must say. But more than that ... another big lesson for me.

That night, I had yet another important #projectbody realisation. Because my fitness is so low and my body only knows cellulite and big hips and now it's time to visualise what I know I want to and have the ability to look like. At the moment, however, I feel like that cold and plain train station and it's time to visualise that?glamorous venue that just took passion, time and vision to change. And with that it's so much easier to end my day with a picture of me as I know I can be ...

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