Sunday in Sun City - project me day 801

12 March 2012
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Twitter never stops amazing me. The people I meet and the web of connections that seems to never stop spreading. I realised just how connected we all are when Pat and I were sitting having dinner with our host, Chef Andrew, last night.

I'm never quite sure when I first connected with someone or how the connection was initially made, but that has never seemed to matter in the end. Chef and I have so many Twitter people in common that I'm truly beginning to understand the depths of the 6 degrees of?separation. I know there is some?mathematical formula that makes it 6 degrees but in my world it never seems to more than 3 degrees away.

So there Pat and I sat with Chef, the Executive Chef of the Cabanas at Sun City. He had invited us to be his guests a few weeks back and all because we both know the power of collaboration and passion.

The one part of the day was based on meeting and chatting business but then the rest of the day was there for Pat and I to chill and enjoy. I had an extra bit of excitement hovering over me because it was day 800 of the blog. Neither of us drink, so we didn't pop champagne, but hanging out with my man was such a treat.

Let me give you some history.
While everyone else was holidaying by the sea, we always seemed to be heading out to Sun City as kids. Everything was a trip down memory lane from the road trip to the landmarks that passed us by. I thought about so many amazing memories and have slowly started to see that my memories of my dad still tug at my heart but make me less weepy.

I love memories. I say that because I thought it was natural to love memories but I've begun to realise that some people actually shy away from them. Some people find it to heart sore to venture back to where the happy memories were made. Me, I've learned to love them, talk about them and go back to where they all began. The road trip burst with colour as we drove past the sunflowers and I thought about the dozens of trips in my older years, where I pretended that I was taking the trip with the person I loved.
What an special feeling to finally be taking the trip next to him. It was as if the sunflowers were applauding with their colour and bowing with the grace.

I needed it, memories and new ones being made. The fresh air that boasts so much of Sun City and the amazing hospitality that seems to have grown as I have grown up. How seldom we look around us and travel back to our past ... something I plan to do more often as I move into my future.

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