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14 March 2011
The obvious: It's easier said than done - project me day 438

I can hardly even concentrate, but I'm dragging myself through this blog. I made a choice to tell my life story, so here it is. While I am sitting with all my dramas about feeling fat, hating gym and worries about having to explain my every choice to people around me, I'm waiting to get […]

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13 March 2011
How do you leave yourself alone? - project me day 437

It's easy to hide from someone else, but absolutely impossible to hid from myself. Or is that true? I can count on my fingers the amount of times I haven't felt like blogging but today I could just hide away from all of this. Hide away from making my life public and from trying to […]

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21 February 2011
You got to do it to know you don't wanna - project me day 417

For those of you who don't live in the land of the traditional South African meat dish called boerewors. It's a sausage that means 'farmer's sausage' and it's beyond yummy. The reason why it's so important to introduce you to it or tease my fellow South African's with the thought of it is because boerewors […]

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16 February 2011
Joko tea and me - project me day 412

I have heard it said before that there's something in the water, but for this blogging/writing/speaking girl, it's in the tea. If you have been following my blog for a while you might recall that in December my brother bought the wrong tea. The totally wrong tea. If you've been following you also know that […]

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26 January 2011
Fear or faith, pick one! - project me day 391

I'm so proud of me. My excitement that I went to gym, walked ten laps around the track and feel fabulous this morning is awesome. I'm thrilled that I can feel the difference between muscle pain and damaged disk pain. Of course I want to share it with everyone who has encouraged me, but there's […]

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15 January 2011
Eat fest - project me day 380

Now that I've found a system that works for me and I don't have to measure my food or cut out anything, I finally feel as though food is my friend. I'm also beginning to watch the patterns of what I do when I want to eat and how I handle it. Let's say that […]

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28 November 2010
Nutty choices - project me day 328

For the first time ever I wrote an entire blog entry and deleted it. Why? Because it sounded like an agony aunt column and I didn't have an agony aunt day. Okay, some people might call it a little loopy, but I'm sure I'm not the only person who spends their day talking to themselves.

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