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22 March 2024
Tough Start to 2024? -  Understanding Your Numerology to Ease the Uncertainty

We are almost a third of the way into the year, and I haven’t been drawn to help explain the energy of the numbers this intensely since we were struck by Covid. In some ways, that uncertainty seems timid compared to the people reaching out to me and asking, “What the hell is going on?” […]

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11 January 2023
Don’t confuse bravery with fearlessness

At this time of year if you are setting out with the best intentions for yourself to tick off things on your bucket list, follow through on resolutions or turn dreams into reality.

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27 July 2012
The mind needs friends too - project me post 865 #projectbody

It's been an interesting week on #projectbody, which had the potential of ending on a pretty bleak note. Another 7 days pasted and I dropped 0.2kg. I started typing, 'only' but that's not being very kind to myself at all. I thought I was settled in not having any expectations, but it's tougher than I […]

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16 April 2011
Cooking and teaching - project me day 471

It's been a crazy week and I have moments of trying to distinguish what happened when. And then there is joy of ending it all with the combination of my two favourite things ... cooking and teaching . Greggie always reminds me that life is not a competition, but my family history has kind of […]

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4 February 2011
Yet another milestone - project me day 400

I am a big believer in celebrating the little milestones along the way, because if not the journey seems so long. Maybe it's just me ego that has dreamed so big and needs the acknowledgement of the little steps to remind me that I am not stark raving mad. Well, I am stark raving mad […]

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26 January 2011
Fear or faith, pick one! - project me day 391

I'm so proud of me. My excitement that I went to gym, walked ten laps around the track and feel fabulous this morning is awesome. I'm thrilled that I can feel the difference between muscle pain and damaged disk pain. Of course I want to share it with everyone who has encouraged me, but there's […]

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3 August 2010
On hold and other brilliant customer service ? project me day 214

Picture the scene. I?m sitting at my desk with my cellphone on loudspeaker while I wait for someone at customer services to pick up the phone and, well, serve me. I?m sure it?s been over 20 minutes already and I can?t exactly put down the phone considering my query has been going on for 6 […]

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23 May 2010
Attention: Want it! Don't want it! - project me day 141

The tattoo is healing so nicely thanks to the nappy rash cream (yep, that was the instruction from Pepi), a whole lot of care and attention from my gentle mom's applications of the ointment, Greggie's super thick applications and my brother's 'slap it on and smear' ones. I've also kept my hair tied up, considering […]

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20 May 2010
Is the moon really that powerful? - project me day 138

Most people silently go about their business, moving under the radar from one day to the next and sneaking off to have a medium sized tattoo in a place that is well thought out. For countless reasons, I am not one of those people. I don't silently go about my business (a lot of that […]

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14 May 2010
I believe I can fly - project me day 133

I'm currently blogging while being totally swept away by one of my favourite movie, first knight. I'm a hopeless romantic and am never more swept away than into the fairytale arms of Lancelot and Guinevere. I also have such a full weekend that I also have to blog tonight. Not that I'm complaining considering I'm […]

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