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8 April 2024
How to Take the Next Step When You Feel Defeated

If you are also feeling two steps back in this, one step forward, two steps back, dance of life, it’s okay!
Welcome to Aries eclipse season!

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21 March 2022
What Happens to Your Life When You Follow the Moon

Hello, #ProjectNomad – let the great experiment begin. My inner child has tons of healing to do, but I also know that I can’t do it unless I actually do get lost in the world a few times. So, I’m heading out, in baby steps.

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31 January 2022
February 2022 Energy Update: Numerology and Astrology

The numerology is made up of the 2 for February and the 8 monthly energy when we add the month and the year together. It is important to note that we are repeating the December 2021 energy, so the year might not feel as though it is flowing the way you expected it to as yet.

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23 June 2021
Saturn Explained - How Saturn, its Retrograde and Your Saturn Return Impacts Your Life

Saturn is without a doubt the prettiest planet in the universe, but don’t let its looks deceive you. With its colourful ice and dust rings and at least 62 moons, its grandness lets us know that it has a great impact on our lives. Saturn has an important placement in the sky between what we […]

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