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11 April 2011
Now I can breathe - project me day 466

Most of my fret about boxes has been my concern that dragons and fairies couldn't breathe with the amount of bubble wrap they were smothered in. The other concern is that I couldn't breathe until I knew the made a safe trip to the other side (no, not other world, just to the new house) […]

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20 May 2010
Is the moon really that powerful? - project me day 138

Most people silently go about their business, moving under the radar from one day to the next and sneaking off to have a medium sized tattoo in a place that is well thought out. For countless reasons, I am not one of those people. I don't silently go about my business (a lot of that […]

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8 January 2010
Who's cooking in your kitchen? - Morning of day 8

I'm so grateful for all the insight and comments about my exciting project and am thrilled that my blog has so many of you questioning what it means to "think", "dream", "awaken", "be" ... they are all just words ...

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