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16 August 2011
Achy breaky back - project me day 592

I gather that right now I'm sounding a little grouchy? Well, as long as I don't sound ungrateful, then I'm still on 'project me' track. I've missed two weeks of Body Mind Healing with Juliette and by the time I got there today I was sufficiently sore enough to feel a surge of panic. I […]

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26 July 2011
Revenge is best served cold - project me day 567

Don't panic! I don't have it in me to be some crazed revengeful chick despite how dramatic the title of this might be. I'm so off Facebook and literally go on to check who has a birthday and chat to my one dear blogging friend, Nikki. Despite that an odd status might appear from me. […]

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19 July 2011
I have the cutest inner child - project me day 561

Let's refresh shall we? Living 'project me' is taking life and embracing every moment with courage, consciousness and a sense of humour ... right? Well, I'm only discovering now that all those things can be masked by a whole heap of things that make it seems as though it's far too easy. I've had many […]

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13 July 2011
Project body welcomes Body Mind Healing - project me day 556

Before all the blogging, tweeting and social influencing I used to be an intuitive healing therapist. I loved it but being stuck in those treatment rooms for hours totally stifled my personality. One thing I never doubted was the potential of healing that the body can accept from powerful healing tools like Reiki, reflexology, crystal […]

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