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19 October 2010
My world of normal - project me day 290

Today was the second session of body stress release therapy and I woke up with three burning concerns. Insomnia, midnight?starvation?and where is the leaking spinal fluid now? In my world those were my only concerns when I woke up. My most natural anticipation was making it through a day without a pain pill or being […]

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18 October 2010
The turning point - project me day 289

Although I am elated at the day I have had, I am going to keep this post?extremely?short because I am well aware that I am far from out of the woods. The temptation to throw myself back into work would be so part of my personality had I not been on this 'project me' journey. […]

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14 October 2010
Taking my power back - project me day 285

Clearly yesterday inspired me because I woke up this morning and I realised that I couldn?t judge my healing progress as I had religiously been taking my pain medication out of the fear of experiencing pain. Although the nerve is pinched the medication has never taken that away so what is it actually doing? The […]

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