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20 August 2011
Backward in a forward kinda way - project me day 596

This is going to be short and hopefully sweet enough ... I had to go to body stress release for my back yesterday and I'm on a course of anti-inflammatories which I haven't had to take in over 6 months. I feel as though I'm sitting on the pain again, but not the pain that […]

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15 March 2011
No matter what - project me day 439

My skin's gone a little south from stress and a little too much of the unhealthy yet comforting food. I have fallen off the enthusiasm bus of my daily walks. I have forgotten all I taught myself about eating consciously. I haven't meditated for entire time I have lived with my mom. I have done […]

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22 January 2011
Cleared for takeoff - project me day 387

It's the first Saturday morning in ages that my schedule has so many possibilities. Despite the fact that I can't act on them because my car battery is flat is totally besides the point. Just the fact that I can think about climbing in my car and driving to the shops or that my gym […]

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11 January 2011
Love this, hate that - project me day 376

I did a search on my blog to see if I had use this title before but I've used the word LOVE so many times that it was a pointless exercise ... LOVE THIS! Going back to Dan for some?aggressive body stress release treatments because my back is getting too sore to work again ... […]

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4 January 2011
So this is anger - project me day 369

It's very seldom that I swap out the ritualistic cup of tea for a cold glass of white wine but tonight calls for it. I'm going to cut straight to the chase and say that I'm battling to blog tonight because of the day I've had. It's been a hard, sad and draining one and […]

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11 November 2010
Cooking, brewing and bubbling under - project me day 313

I didn't manage to blog yesterday for a few very good reasons. Well I was actually too damn tired but I also have so much to share that I didn't want to rush it as the clock struck midnight, just in case I left out any vital details. Besides missing out on some very yummy […]

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5 November 2010
Only one thing a day - project me day 307

I have been trying to blog since returning home from dinner last night but the reality is that I can only do one thing a day in order to be able to sit down and blog as comfortably as possible. I am trying to not take painkillers so that comes with the price of seriously […]

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3 November 2010
My right to fake it - project me day 305

I sat down to blog at about 11pm last night and had one of the most important moments with myself. Sliding my chair back, I knew that I had done enough for one day and that this could wait. I'm at the most crucial time of my healing because I am off all the strong […]

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26 October 2010
Less meds just in time for a headache - project me day 298

Although I am very conscious of not planning my healing too much, I have to confess that today was a much anticipated and calculated turning point in my healing. I have been taking anti-inflammatories for just over a month now and have popped a pill at 9am with a little too much blind faith. I […]

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15 October 2010
Body stress release - project me day 286

Although I do have to blog with some degree of haste, I am thrilled that I am blogging with a great degree less pain. Fact of the matter is that I'm blogging, while sitting at my desk and I'm not in?excruciating pain for the first time in at least 2 months. I told you that […]

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