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14 May 2011
A tribute to my sponsors - project me day 499

A part of me can't believe that I am writing my 499th post and other part of me can feel every moment of every word that has been typed. Sometimes I can't live without it and other times I can't believe I ever started it. Today I had a mini primary school reunion. A part […]

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23 April 2011
Is it me or is my blog pink? - project me day 478

I know I have flu and it's clouding my brain but I'm sure I'm seeing doggies with buckets on their head and weird pink borders around my blog. I have moments of complete fuzziness and at those times when I look at the screen I see a pink border and other times I stare at […]

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21 April 2011
The Project Me new look - project me day 476

So, how do you like the look? Yes, there are a lot of looks in that one loaded sentence. There's the new design and layout that has been implemented because advertising is officially a reality. There's the 'um' of red hair that is still out with the jury and then there's the look of the […]

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24 January 2011
I live in a country with no country - project me day 389

Times are trying, I'm not gonna kid myself or paint a pretty picture. Not even kitty is a bundle of joy now that she's turned into Jack the ripper and keeps jumping onto the parrot's cage. There's proof that we will always be who we intrinsically are. Kitty might be a bundle of cute and […]

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31 December 2010
Here's to the YOU in project me - project me day 365

I did it! I actually did it! I can't get past staring at the 365 part in the title. I'm awash with emotion and gushing with pride, yet somehow I can't help but think of everyone but me right now. I have been dreaming about doing the 365th blog and always imagined doing a recap […]

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23 December 2010
Let's turn project me into project we - project me day 357

Sometimes I sit back and wonder what other people are doing at that moment. I even find myself wondering where the man that I am going to share my life with is at that very moment. I wonder if he will remember what he is doing at a specific moment and if I had to […]

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9 September 2010
Website Marketing sponsors project me - project me day 251

It's official! Today is the second warm welcome to an amazing 'project me' sponsor. This one is long overdue for all the support that has been going on behind the scenes for months on end. Before 'project me' was even an idea in the world of Jodene, there was this guy that answered every one […]

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