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6 August 2012
Burn the Floor has some sexy SA flavour - project me post 867

The other day, in an interview, I was asked what one of my annoying habits is and I was totally speechless. I swear, I gave it some great thought, but I couldn't think of anything annoying about me at all. I did comment that I'm sure my fiance and my bestie could roll out a […]

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19 August 2011
The life of a dancer: Gary Max Wright tells his project me story

Gary Max Wright was born in Liverpool and started dancing at the age of Ten in a local dance school. He trained in all styles of dance such as Disco, Freestyle, Jazz, Ballet, Ballroom and Latin American. He spent much of his spare time working hard, training and competing.?With much support from his dance teacher […]

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2 August 2011
Burn the Floor dancer Alja? ?korjanec tell his project me story

From Slovenia, Alja? ?korjanec?started dancing at age five. Nineteen times Slovenian champion in ballroom, latin and 10 dance. He has successfully representing Slovenia in world Latin and Ballroom Dance championships. He has appeared in Slovenian dancing with the stars.? Joined Burn the Floor in Australia in 2010, and has toured 2011 USA national tour. Alja? […]

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31 July 2011
Everything has a consequence - project body week 7

I can't believe how quickly the time is flying and it's only perpetuated by a weekly update that feels like only yesterday. It's officially 6 weeks since I started the combination of gyming and eating right and I'm sure by now a whole lot of people would have lost a whole lot more weight. A […]

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30 July 2011
Joburg Theatre Burns the Floor SA style - project me day 571

What does spending a day with an international dance company and a group of fab SA celebs have to do with 'project me'? Let's see! When I started blogging the mission was to show the world that it is possible to live each day taking full responsibility for everything that happens to us. I know, […]

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29 July 2011
It's a good excuse, butt! - project me day 570

I know you know that I had one of the most fun and thrilling days of my life, never mind blogging career, yesterday. I truly need an entire blog to thank the Joburg Theatre, the cast of Burn the Floor and an amazing group of SA celebs for one freaking awesome day. I know my […]

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18 July 2011
Burn the Floor sizzles at Joburg Theatre - project me day 560

I'm not a?journalist, entertainment blogger or dance critic. I'm a girl who is blogging her way through life and was lucky enough to be invited to the opening night of Burn the Floor at the Joburg Theatre on my 560th day. I'm that girl who left a sick boyfriend at home for my mother to […]

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