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7 September 2015
No Art in Letting Go

I can't believe the time. It feels like 5pm, but 9pm is drawing closer and I can't say I've completed one thing today. It's been one of those aimless ones, where contemplating life and wanting sit and talk to the ones smarter than me and ask them what the hell it's all about, has occupied […]

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20 August 2014
Let go, toughen up, get a life - project me post 1030

I have about 25 unattended emails, have just negotiated sleep time rules with my twin nephews & can still hear pottering around the room, boiled the kettle twice and haven't hugged my cats yet ... but everything has been getting in the way of my blogging. Actually everything has been getting in the way of […]

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2 February 2014
Lost in a month - project me post 996

I hate that feeling of leaving something too long and then having to make the call, face the friend, respond to the email ... blog!! Yes, it's been a month! Amazingly, it wasn't because I have been contemplating whether I want to continue this journey or not. I think a lot of the time I […]

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