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4 June 2011
Proudly South African - project me day 520

It's 4 hours before I am heading off to the Twitter Blanket Drive at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Rosebank. It's been one of those emotional days that people battle to understand about me. Yes, I cry for almost anything! The tears vary from excitement to fear ... but there is undoubtedly one shed often. […]

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26 May 2011
Food for thought - project me day 511

The standard 'project me' joke is that I say I don't complain often (but I do) and it's going to be a short blog (but it never is). So tonight I'm going to try not complain, but fok it's cold. Keeping it short might be on the cards because I've had a very offish day! […]

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1 November 2010
Well done and steaming hot - project me day 303

It's the morning after an incredibly rewarding day. On the very rare occasion I miss a day of blogging and after all the excitement and medication to get through the day I literally collapsed into a heap last night. That doesn't mean the events of the day didn't play over in my mind and left […]

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30 October 2010
A-dress the issues - project me day 302

I have had one of those days where I've done as little as possible in?preparation?for a big day ahead for the business tomorrow. I have totally lost the sparkle in my personality and was hoping that a day of chilling out would make it better but today is one of those days. I can't remember […]

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27 October 2010
One step closer to me - project me day 299

Now that's what I call an interesting day! A full 2 days without any medication but the anxiety of getting myself out there and back into action still lingers. My day started with one of those surreal dreams that included Hustler Girl riding around on my 5 year old nephew's bike while I battled to […]

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26 October 2010
Less meds just in time for a headache - project me day 298

Although I am very conscious of not planning my healing too much, I have to confess that today was a much anticipated and calculated turning point in my healing. I have been taking anti-inflammatories for just over a month now and have popped a pill at 9am with a little too much blind faith. I […]

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16 October 2010
Touched by cancer - project me day 287

Tackling something completely none life threatening over the past 2 months has been an experience that has changed my life. There were days when I lay in bed sobbing from the pain and thinking I couldn't carry on for one more moment. My mother, Greggie and I have had many conversations about the power of […]

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