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5 May 2014

UBER will be providing FREE rides this coming Wednesday 7th May 2014, between 7am and 9pm, as they participate in making the country?s voting process more convenient in their own special way. This coming election day, new and existing UBER users can enter the promotion code: VOTESA to redeem two free rides, each up to […]

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21 February 2012
FollowSA weekend complete at Crystal Towers - project me day 780

Sometimes the world's impression of you can have shadows of misconceptions that are so well masked behind years of practice. Faking my composure and the illusion that all my ducks are in a row is slowly becoming one of my finest qualities. This weekend past ... well it was one of the biggest I've ever […]

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16 February 2012
Heading to Cape Town thanks to - project me day 775

It's been a crazy day even though I've been sitting in one spot for most of it. I can't believe that tomorrow is it ... we're flying to Cape Town for an event that I only dreamed of. Wait, I don't think I even had this in my game plan at all, but it sure […]

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31 January 2012
A good old to do list - project me day 760

Admittedly I didn't wake up feeling much better than I had gone to sleep. Feeling sorry for myself and wanting some magic want to rush through time and get me to the point where there aren't financial stresses and I'm done breaking into the industry, with a flush bank account. There's something very special about […]

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5 June 2011
Hello Cape Town - Project me day 521

I'm officially here, where the air is clearer, the seagulls fill the air and the memories are a little tougher to adjust to. Hello Cape Town! Firstly, lets get the cons out the way ... Although the sponsorship for the new laptop has been confirmed, it has been delivered yet and there was no way […]

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4 June 2011
Proudly South African - project me day 520

It's 4 hours before I am heading off to the Twitter Blanket Drive at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Rosebank. It's been one of those emotional days that people battle to understand about me. Yes, I cry for almost anything! The tears vary from excitement to fear ... but there is undoubtedly one shed often. […]

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18 April 2011
Recipe not included - project me day 473

Today is a busy one so I seriously have to blog and be done by the time this first cup of tea is still hot. That's one hell of a challenge ... I usually only get my blogging cap on after about cup number 3. I get the feeling this week is going to be […]

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8 April 2011
Organic O rocks from Hotel Lamunu to Boston T - project me day 463

Well, where does such a happy girl begin to tell my story of a night that I don't think I even dreamed of. Less than a handful of times I have flipped back to a blog entry in the past and been pleasantly surprised at how far I have come, but in the months or […]

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7 April 2011
Between boxes and blogs - project me day 462

Oh boy, I know what happens when I wake up feeling like this. I want to get everything done in a day and then I spend the entire morning doing pointless things or staring at the laptop screen and jumping erratically between far too many open windows. It's a busy day no matter what, but […]

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6 April 2011
Faking it is officially over - project me day 461

It's late afternoon and I'm sitting here sipping on a cold up of tea while taking my very first breath since 8am this morning. It feels as though I've gone from being the pilot of a two seater little micro-light to taking over the?cockpit of the Concord. I'm sure when I have a huge corporation […]

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