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13 December 2016
How to make the most of the last full moon of 2016 - Blog
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14 November 2016
How I survived a green juice and digital detox

I do love that my return to the blogging scene, after nearly six months, is with a post about abandoning the online world for a little while. Welcome back to you and to me. Oh wow, how I have missed this space of mine. It's amazing because at one stage I wasn't sure I wanted […]

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25 September 2014
Making birthday memories in bubbles of joy - project me post 1038

Sitting on my kitchen window ledge is an emergency bottle of blowing bubbles. My assistant carries one around with her. On the darkest of days I'm inclined to buy a bottle of bubbly and celebrate the mere fact that I can. Somehow, bubbles just make me feel better.It was less apparent when it was randomly […]

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2 September 2014
Success seriously is as scary as failure - Project Me post 1032

I was in bed by 4pm, after raiding the fridge and combining an array of unhealthy food combination, because that's how I cope. On a scale of 1 to 10, my day was pretty fabulous. I spent it with my business partner and then added the mix of our Chat Factory (yep, that's business number […]

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20 August 2014
Let go, toughen up, get a life - project me post 1030

I have about 25 unattended emails, have just negotiated sleep time rules with my twin nephews & can still hear pottering around the room, boiled the kettle twice and haven't hugged my cats yet ... but everything has been getting in the way of my blogging. Actually everything has been getting in the way of […]

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