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2 August 2010
Garfield and I hate Mondays - project me day 213

Garfield is my favourite character and of all the moments I remember about his lazy ass character,? I remember the day he tried to get away from Monday so he posted himself off to another country. What do you know, thanks to the time difference and his pathetic attempt at running away from his Monday […]

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7 June 2010
Kids, kids and more kids - project me day 156

I used to live alone! I used to wake up on Sunday mornings and roll over for another few hours before dragging myself to the kitchen (naked) and making a cup of tea before?falling?back into bed for a good few hours. There were Sundays when I never got dressed and never left my bedroom. Life […]

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4 June 2010
And the contents of my handbag is ... - project me day 153

After a very exciting day that I need more time to reminisce about, I dashed off to dinner with an old school friend. I can't believe how some connections never seem to fade. Well, actually, that's not entirely true considering we only really knew each other in school because ... well we are guessing that […]

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