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28 March 2022
Why Not All Aries New Moons Have Felt Like This´┐╝

With the New Moon alongside Chiron, we are given an incredible opportunity for healing to happen. As this is the lifelong wound, situations or memories may come up from childhood or into the past where our inner child was hurt at no matter what age.

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12 May 2021
Chiron Explained - Unlock the Mystery to Your Unresolved Lifelong Wounds

Is there a place in life that consistently seems unhealed, no matter how much effort you feel you have done to heal it? Does there seem to be one part of life that is tougher than all the rest for you, especially when you look around and see with how much ease others navigate it?  […]

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9 May 2021
Weekly Energy Update - Numerology, Astrology & Tarot: 10 to 16 May 2021

Within each number are many aspects that have the potential to be tapped into and used to expand ourselves into fulfilment and joy. With this being an 8 week, one of the great potentials of this number is the call to find what our cause is and work towards it. Many people think outwardly and […]

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