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5 May 2011
SNL: It's not what you think - project me day 490

Since I started blogging I'm very proud of the way I have managed to feel my way around things and get a grip on other things. I've been feeling around in the dark and learning the power of swapping favours and saying the right things at the right time ... you know I'm talking about […]

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11 April 2011
Now I can breathe - project me day 466

Most of my fret about boxes has been my concern that dragons and fairies couldn't breathe with the amount of bubble wrap they were smothered in. The other concern is that I couldn't breathe until I knew the made a safe trip to the other side (no, not other world, just to the new house) […]

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4 April 2011
Is patience ever done and dusted? - project me day 459

It's Monday morning and I'm feeling pretty frazzled. I don't know if it's my own issues that are getting to me or the concern that I have for everyone else around me. All of a sudden my family and a great deal of my friends seem to be finding themselves amidst unusual amounts of change, […]

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