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15 October 2014
What has happened to the dating game - project me post 1041

Warning: Don't read this is you still have a conservative view of dating and relationships. I didn't realise how safe I had made my life since my break-up. The more I think about it, I can see that my original choice of man was a reflection of what the world expected of me. It's just […]

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18 April 2011
Recipe not included - project me day 473

Today is a busy one so I seriously have to blog and be done by the time this first cup of tea is still hot. That's one hell of a challenge ... I usually only get my blogging cap on after about cup number 3. I get the feeling this week is going to be […]

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17 April 2011
Lost Spaceballs but found Nemo - project me day 472

It's Sunday and winter is heading in so I'm in one of my favourite spaces where I get to cook for my friends ... yay! There will be a lot of that and I might even share a few recipes along the way. There is something magical about winter for me even though I do […]

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13 April 2011
People watching when the person is you - project me day 468

I love people watching. I think there is a part of us that finds it curious in our own little way and not many can go without admitting that they do a little of it. I'm not sure how many people can say they have days where their people watching is a very personal experience. […]

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26 August 2010
Thick skin and other accessories - project me day 237

I have this little obsession. Alright, I admit to having a few of them but that's for another blog. Today it's about the obsession with my stats and social networking followings. Some might think it's unhealthy but I think that it drives me to achieve more, write more and connect more. On the other hand, […]

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31 July 2010
Blogger award nomination - project me 211

Cosmopolitan mag is holding its first blog awards and the nominations for ?project me? have begun.

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25 June 2010
Touching base with my reality - project me day 174

Today's the first day I can say I think I hate blogging. I've only just become aware of my unconscious strategy and not that I know it I'm faced with the very lessons that I teach the world ... Tell myself the truth and make a change, no matter how small it might be. Just […]

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