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27 December 2010
A whole lot of family and food - project me day 361

I reached for a handful of marie biscuits to nibble on with my customary cup of tea during blogging but I was distracted by the faint cry: ?No more! I beg of you, no more!? Yep, that would be my tummy that has worked triple time since Christmas day and is anticipating family braai late […]

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26 December 2010
My Christmas present to me - project me day 360

My Christmas day was my present to myself. I have been planning it for ages and turned down a few very special offers to share Christmas with some beautiful people in my life. However, I knew that I needed just one day that was all about me. A day filled with whatever I wanted to […]

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24 December 2010
Christmas Eve Comedy - project me day 358

I have just finished a phone conversation with my best friend whose final word of advice for me was "stay away from coffee tables!" That seems like an odd statement but another thing that my best friend said to made me realise that I might just have the perfect Christmas gift for you. You see, […]

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18 December 2010
Music to my ears - project me day 348

Here's to really letting you in to my world. A day filled with the most precious of moments from beginning to end. It started with me going to the gym for my first weigh in since last week's realisation. My mother is amazing. I stay about 5 minutes from the gym and I literally walk […]

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17 December 2010
Where did the day go? - project me day 347

Do you want to know how I know that I'm in holiday mode? That's easy ... sleep! I'm so not ashamed to say that I managed to sleep until about 11:15 today. Granted, I did wake up to go to the little girl's room just as the sun broke, but then I scored an extra […]

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15 December 2010
A little more revealing - project me day 345

I've done a little bit too much sitting at the computer today but the?temptation?was too much to resist. Firstly, I know that we are heading to silly season and less people are going to be online and opting to read blogs over drinking eggnog and eating turkey. Secondly, everyone is going on holiday and won't […]

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14 December 2010
Done with the drama - project me day 344

Last night was the season finale of Private Practice. My mom and I always record it and watch a bit later because I'm usually blogging and she's usually dealing with some international crisis for work. I wasn't even aware that it was the last episode but should have known when the drama began to emerge […]

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11 December 2010
It's not project me until I say ... - project me day 341

I get to pick and choose anything I want to share with the world. I decide if I want to tell all my friends or none at all. It's my call if I mention it in a 'project me' post or if I want to keep it to myself. It's not what I choose to […]

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7 December 2010
Oh the shame - project me day 337

If I don't do it and say it then I'm not dealing with me in the true light of 'project me'. Yesterday I had a gorgeous blogged planned and when my very special and innocent friend, Irvin Sammons, sent the photographs to me I fell apart. I ended up simply posting my Christmas Country song […]

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3 December 2010
Let's catch up over tea - project me day 333

Over the past few days I have been lying in bed and running through my day while thinking: "Damn, I forgot to mention that in the blog!" Trust me, there are a good number of things that I haven't mentioned at that are very important to how I feel, where I'm at and what's going […]

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