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21 July 2010
What after day 365? - project me day 201

The synchronicity ?of my thoughts and everyone else's questions has sparked an interesting question. What happens to project me after day 135? First Greggie asked, but his was more sarcasm at what excuse I would use to get out of dates early and leaving him to clean his kitchen after I have made a total […]

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18 July 2010
There is always someone - project me day 198

It's human nature to focus on the 'don't haves' and I've made it my mission this year to be as conscious as possible and realise all that I do have. In 2 days time I will have hit the 200 mark of 'project me'. 200 days of being conscious and focusing on all that I […]

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7 July 2010
My relationship with food - project me day 186

Sportsy is about to arrive at Greggie's for yet another game of the 2010 world cup soccer (yes, I say it that way for googley purposes) and the whole day I've had one little thought tingling the back of my mind ... dinner! I adore cooking and always use the freshest?ingredient. Not to boast, but […]

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3 July 2010
See me through you - project me day 182

It's been a whole day of teaching from 8:30 until just through the first half of the Germany verse Argentina game. Yep, at the moment those things mark time. Greggie asked me the strangest question tonight when I worked out that our Tuesday night class clashes with a semi final game of the 2010 world […]

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30 June 2010
The hangover - project me day 179

Never combine a broken heart with the finale of FlashFoward and the?penultimate Grays Anatomy. It's going to lead to uncontrollable crying and drinking sherry from a wine glass.

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14 June 2010
What am I forgetting? - project me day 163

It's halfway through Monday morning and I'm all done with my weekly meeting and trying to remember the one thing that I knew I had to do before my day got underway. I ran through my to do list a few times and checked my phone ... because I didn't have the best night's sleep […]

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