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12 September 2011
You will find me at Crowne Plaza Johannesburg - project me day 617

Tomorrow is the second #SMTuesday with Crowne Plaza and Lifeology. Saturday is the second rugby world cup game between SA and Fiji and through #FollowSA we are gathering the crowds to watch at the Crowne Plaza. Thursday's meeting ... Crowne Plaza! The other day someone told me I live there and it's kinda true! They […]

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6 September 2011
Talking about our feelings - project me day 612

It's out Tuesday night gathering and the last one before Greggie leaves for an entire month. I'm therefore very grateful that my mom is having a little work crisis at work and are running very late on, as Mr Unexpected calls it, talking about our feelings. That's basically what it is in a nutshell. Every […]

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31 August 2011
FollowSA is alive and rocking - project me day 607

Tomorrow you will see it all ... pics! Logo! More pics! Launch video ... Right now I'm home dealing with a leaking geyser, hungry man and very sore back! But what a freaking awesome day! What an amazing night! Go check out if you are in SA ... register!!! Oooh, what's that I hear […]

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26 August 2011
Eat, sleep, Tweet FollowSA - project me day 602

I'm that tired that I'm battling to string a sentence together. It's a combination of a surge of adrenalin that has been flowing through the entire day and the fact that summer is definitely on it's way back to SA. I have the whole of tomorrow to get some work done because I really couldn't […]

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23 August 2011
Social Media Tuesday at Crowne Plaza JHB is born - project me day 599

Hindsight is good except when the photo opportunity has passed and I wish I had captured the first crowd who shared today's moment with me. Lifeology has had so many great idea and plans but it's taken so long to make anything happen and today I felt as though something eternally empowering happened ... I […]

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20 August 2011
Backward in a forward kinda way - project me day 596

This is going to be short and hopefully sweet enough ... I had to go to body stress release for my back yesterday and I'm on a course of anti-inflammatories which I haven't had to take in over 6 months. I feel as though I'm sitting on the pain again, but not the pain that […]

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11 August 2011
Sabio Communications helps launch Jodene's Breakfast - project me day 588

I wanted to share a day that speaks for itself. I'm this crazy combination of thrilled and petrified and extend a very special thank you to Sabio Communications, with a special thanks to Sam Robinson, for believing in Lifeology and me and supporting this venture. Also to Derek Martin and Crowne Plaza Johannesburg for providing […]

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29 July 2011
It's a good excuse, butt! - project me day 570

I know you know that I had one of the most fun and thrilling days of my life, never mind blogging career, yesterday. I truly need an entire blog to thank the Joburg Theatre, the cast of Burn the Floor and an amazing group of SA celebs for one freaking awesome day. I know my […]

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28 July 2011
With this lipstick I can do anything - project me day 569

Huddled into one of the bead encrusted private circles at the Circle Bar in the Crowne Plaza Johannesburg, there sat 10 hand picked ladies with lipstick. Let me backtrack a touch so that you understand why this moment is not about makeup of the success of my blog or an exciting career moment. Years ago […]

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20 July 2011
My own little circle - project me day 562

While everyone is contemplating how they feel about Google+, I sit in my own little circle of lights at the Crowne Plaza Johannesburg and blog. I'm grabbing the gap between meetings as I wait for a 7:30pm chat about bloggers in SA and how we can all support each other. Now that's what I love […]

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