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22 January 2011
Cleared for takeoff - project me day 387

It's the first Saturday morning in ages that my schedule has so many possibilities. Despite the fact that I can't act on them because my car battery is flat is totally besides the point. Just the fact that I can think about climbing in my car and driving to the shops or that my gym […]

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11 January 2011
Love this, hate that - project me day 376

I did a search on my blog to see if I had use this title before but I've used the word LOVE so many times that it was a pointless exercise ... LOVE THIS! Going back to Dan for some?aggressive body stress release treatments because my back is getting too sore to work again ... […]

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5 November 2010
Only one thing a day - project me day 307

I have been trying to blog since returning home from dinner last night but the reality is that I can only do one thing a day in order to be able to sit down and blog as comfortably as possible. I am trying to not take painkillers so that comes with the price of seriously […]

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26 October 2010
Less meds just in time for a headache - project me day 298

Although I am very conscious of not planning my healing too much, I have to confess that today was a much anticipated and calculated turning point in my healing. I have been taking anti-inflammatories for just over a month now and have popped a pill at 9am with a little too much blind faith. I […]

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19 October 2010
My world of normal - project me day 290

Today was the second session of body stress release therapy and I woke up with three burning concerns. Insomnia, midnight?starvation?and where is the leaking spinal fluid now? In my world those were my only concerns when I woke up. My most natural anticipation was making it through a day without a pain pill or being […]

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18 October 2010
The turning point - project me day 289

Although I am elated at the day I have had, I am going to keep this post?extremely?short because I am well aware that I am far from out of the woods. The temptation to throw myself back into work would be so part of my personality had I not been on this 'project me' journey. […]

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15 October 2010
Body stress release - project me day 286

Although I do have to blog with some degree of haste, I am thrilled that I am blogging with a great degree less pain. Fact of the matter is that I'm blogging, while sitting at my desk and I'm not in?excruciating pain for the first time in at least 2 months. I told you that […]

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