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19 December 2014
Get okay with what you've got - Project Me post 1052

I have a very dear human in my life, who I love very much, but struggle to spend time with because I can't relate to the negativity and bleak outlook on life. On the other hand, I also struggle with the ones who are always positive and don't admit when things aren't so great, because […]

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28 February 2011
The King and I - project me day 424

In the ten or so years of having a very special bond with my bipolar friend, she has never had an extremely bad episode. While I was recovering from my back injury, she was in her space. We have such a treasured understanding that I know she needs to hide away from the world (or […]

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1 June 2010
A few of my favourite things - project me day 150

After an emotional and strenuous time I finally decided to take a little responsibility off of myself and ease up on me. First things first was to get hold of the doc and admit that I need help in sorting out the imbalance in the sugar levels. It needs controlling and the erratic emotions and […]

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