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6 June 2013
My Instalife - project me post 955

I think I'm a really awesome Instagrammer! Needless to say, there are a whole lot of cat pics. But in between I've started to notice how the story of my life unfolds in the pictures I select to share in the instaworld. This became very apparent when I was less concerned about a dozen hashtags […]

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14 March 2012
Emmanuel Castis tells his project me story on Radio 2000

Now time really seems to be flying by and I can't believe how quickly it goes from one project me radio interview to the next. If I thought that moved fast then I really was shocked at how long ago I interviewed Emmanuel and how far we have both come along our project me stories. […]

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20 November 2011
Place your holiday bets on the new Trivial Pursuit - project me day 687

I have blogged every single day for nearly two years. I intend to blog until I at least reach day 1000. That's sure to bring reward! I didn't set out to blog for reward, but I did set out to blog for my own personal insight into my life and to show the world that […]

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23 June 2011
We did it: Mashable's SMDayJozi - project me day 538

I like having a partner in crime and I'm so excited to introduce you to Derek Martin for an event that truly is defining me as the social influencers I have been working so hard at establishing myself as. I had a plan to work with Derek on the night I met him at the […]

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4 June 2011
Proudly South African - project me day 520

It's 4 hours before I am heading off to the Twitter Blanket Drive at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Rosebank. It's been one of those emotional days that people battle to understand about me. Yes, I cry for almost anything! The tears vary from excitement to fear ... but there is undoubtedly one shed often. […]

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3 June 2011
Car trouble and kept secrets - project me day 519

This is one of those typical days that people ask me about. The days where I have 30 minutes at home to blog and get ready to go out. Why is it 6pm and I haven't blogged the whole day? Well ... most of it is secret! Good secrets though ... but things that I'm […]

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10 May 2011
{Sponsor: CHOC - Childhood Cancer Foundation of SA} Emmanuel Castis's project me story

Emmanuel Castis, born and raised in Johannesburg, has been a professional actor for 13 years. Emmanuel started out in musical theatre (Rocky in The Rocky Horror Show, the Prince in Cinders and Her Fella). This was followed by a number of stage roles in plays (Macbeth etc). Musical shows over the years include Frankly Speaking, […]

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