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13 February 2017
You Never Dine Alone at Aarya Restaurant at Sun Square Montecasino

I got tired of waiting to have someone to go away with and someone to try new restaurants with. There was a moment, at the beginning of 2017, when I decided that being single was not a curse, but an adventure into the world to see who I could meet. I love getting away from […]

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14 November 2016
How I survived a green juice and digital detox

I do love that my return to the blogging scene, after nearly six months, is with a post about abandoning the online world for a little while. Welcome back to you and to me. Oh wow, how I have missed this space of mine. It's amazing because at one stage I wasn't sure I wanted […]

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5 February 2016
Set Your Compass to Happiness

It is easier said than done, but the tiniest little step towards happiness is worth it. Begin by imagining a compass where North is replaced with the word, "happiness". Now close your eyes and follow the compass in your imagination. Don't try figure out what happiness even means to you, simply navigate towards it. This […]

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6 July 2015
The Big Lesson I Learned From My Only Boss

I knew from pretty early on in my career, that I wasn't going to make a great employee. It wasn't that I was going to get myself fired, but more that I may have walked out of any job where I couldn't create my own job description. Before I discover that, I managed to suck […]

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18 June 2015
The long road that led back to Me

I've struggled to write, for months. I've been stuck and everyone knows it. I know it and the message from people, asking why I'm so quiet and when I'm going to post another entry on my blog, they know it too. I've been stuck for ages and have kept pushing at what I'm familiar with […]

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2 September 2014
Success seriously is as scary as failure - Project Me post 1032

I was in bed by 4pm, after raiding the fridge and combining an array of unhealthy food combination, because that's how I cope. On a scale of 1 to 10, my day was pretty fabulous. I spent it with my business partner and then added the mix of our Chat Factory (yep, that's business number […]

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