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20 September 2012
Dear Novel meet the grammar police - project me post 876

It's been a quite week on the business front. Well, that's to say that we haven't had a whole lot of running around and going out to do, but the to do list is still mighty full. Because I believe that everything is exactly as it should be, I'm not surprised that it's full of […]

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9 June 2011
I hope birdie poop is good luck - project me day 525

My back is officially hating this holiday although the rest of me couldn't be happier. I'm doing my best not to put a damper of the fact that I won't be returning home with a completely edited novel, Ephineah, but I will be smiling from ear to ear with all the contacts we have made. […]

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5 June 2011
Hello Cape Town - Project me day 521

I'm officially here, where the air is clearer, the seagulls fill the air and the memories are a little tougher to adjust to. Hello Cape Town! Firstly, lets get the cons out the way ... Although the sponsorship for the new laptop has been confirmed, it has been delivered yet and there was no way […]

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29 December 2010
Everything in its own time -project me day 363

I can't believe that in two days time I will have started 'project me' a year ago. I can't believe that I blogged every day this year ... well except for the ones that got lost somewhere along the line and the times that my incredible best friend had to help me when my back […]

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28 December 2010
An extract from the novel - project me day 362

I've been talking about it this entire year and I wouldn't be surprised if anyone thought there was this phantom novel I had conjured up to seem busier (or more of a writer) than I really am. The truth is, I'm getting frustrated with myself that I can't show the world any of Ephineah. I […]

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22 December 2010
To sing or cry in the rain? - project me day 356

You know that saying 'it doesn't rain but it pours?' Well it's officially true. I'm a big believer that nothing is real until you have experienced it or chosen to believe it. Some beliefs are chosen without a lesson having to be learned ... and then there is the other way. You know, the one […]

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25 November 2010
All the antis - project me day 325

I'm sharing the grossness of my skin because it's very?indicative of how I'm feeling today. I think the frustration, drained energy and?fatigue?has finally started to surface and I need to do a few things different. It's an interesting time for 'project me' and my me-ness! Over the past few days I have more and more […]

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23 November 2010
Don't panic! - project me day 323

It was about this time last year that I found myself in the exact position I feel I am in again today. As it draws near the end of the year I reflect back on the vision I had for myself and my year ahead ... and I begin to panic. Another year has passed […]

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18 November 2010
Cooking weather - project me day 318

It's not exactly coastal holiday weather so there has been a lot of indoor time and the three of us plus the two doggies have had to occupy ourselves without killing each other. At least the dogs have tennis balls to chew on and feet to lie on, but the three humans had a little […]

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20 May 2010
Is the moon really that powerful? - project me day 138

Most people silently go about their business, moving under the radar from one day to the next and sneaking off to have a medium sized tattoo in a place that is well thought out. For countless reasons, I am not one of those people. I don't silently go about my business (a lot of that […]

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