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7 September 2015
No Art in Letting Go

I can't believe the time. It feels like 5pm, but 9pm is drawing closer and I can't say I've completed one thing today. It's been one of those aimless ones, where contemplating life and wanting sit and talk to the ones smarter than me and ask them what the hell it's all about, has occupied […]

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7 February 2012
The adoption is finally through - project me day 767

It's been a long wait for adoption day. Mom first sent Pat and I a pic or Roran when we were still on our December holiday. The days have dragged, waiting for him to get to a healthy size and weight and have his little snip but he sure was worth the wait. Roran is […]

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23 January 2012
Ready or not it's the year of the dragon - project me day 752

If you don't know my incredible love for dragons, then let me take a moment to introduce you to my world that has my cats named after all the characters from the dragon movie, Eragon. The there are the dragon ornaments that adorn my bathroom and bedroom and of course my very own portal crystal […]

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15 January 2012
The countdown to adoption day - project me day 743

Pat, mom and myself are counting the days until we can bring out little boy home. Eragon and Saphirah (I added an 'H' to Saphira because I have a novel and the main character adds an 'H' to find the uniqueness of the energy to an already used name) are about to have a little […]

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10 April 2011
We are all just finding our feet - project me day 465

I can't believe where the day has gone. I sat down to blog this morning and before I knew it the whirlwind of ?activity began. I can't believe how much there is to still unpack but I have to be patient here. It's not our house and to wait on other people toorganise builders, handymen, […]

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9 April 2011
Who really reads the instruction manual - project me day 464

I never know whether it's appropriate to start my blog by mentioning my hangover or whether that should go further down the line once I've mentioned my fabulous evening and why I drank so much. Well I didn't actually drink a lot as much the mixture of what I mixed. Firstly, I would like to […]

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8 April 2011
Organic O rocks from Hotel Lamunu to Boston T - project me day 463

Well, where does such a happy girl begin to tell my story of a night that I don't think I even dreamed of. Less than a handful of times I have flipped back to a blog entry in the past and been pleasantly surprised at how far I have come, but in the months or […]

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