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4 February 2022
The Ten Years it Took to See My Self-Worth

Imagine a tree with a root system holding a tree firmly in the ground, no matter what weather condition Discovering our self-worth becomes our root system.

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27 January 2015
Would you know how to de-clutter yourself? - project me post 1060

I spent nearly the whole of last year waking up exhausted and re framed it into be convincing myself I had chosen the entrepreneurial way of working late and then sleeping late. I made light of hanging around in bed while my business partner had already had his first breakfast meeting and was onto his […]

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20 August 2013
The risk of day dreaming with a low esteem - project me post 977

The saying is very true, that wherever you go you take yourself with you. So what does one do and where does one go when all you want to do is get away from yourself? I'm having one of those days and escaping the frustration I have with myself brings me to one of my […]

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