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24 December 2010
Christmas Eve Comedy - project me day 358

I have just finished a phone conversation with my best friend whose final word of advice for me was "stay away from coffee tables!" That seems like an odd statement but another thing that my best friend said to made me realise that I might just have the perfect Christmas gift for you. You see, […]

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20 October 2010
The things I'm craving - project me day 291

Now that I am on the road to recovery I find myself in the strangest space. Knowing I want to do certain things but not completely ready to jump straight back in. It has stirred up a whole pile of cravings though and no I feel as though I am creating a bucket list of […]

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11 August 2010
What people google - project me day 222

After a day that began with some meanie Facebook friend flagging me as being annoying, having a dauntingly exciting meeting that might thrust my career into maximum overdrive sooner than expected and having my fun night with Mr Big being cancelled, this girl needs a touch of fun. The mood is perfectly set for it. […]

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8 June 2010
What's in a Facebook poke? - project me day 157

Nothing is meaningless. No one actually does something for no reason at all. Not even the Facebook poke. I remember my humble introductions to Facebook and feeling my way around making friends and joining a whole bunch of pointless applications and groups. I also remember receiving a message from a friend who told me to […]

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