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26 May 2015
Don't over fake it if you really want to make it - Project Me post 1077

When I'm at my nastiest to myself, I try convince myself that I have no right to share my story my story with the world, in the hope of Project Me becoming a realistic and workable "map" to surviving all the self help that's flooding the world. I look at the others who are happier […]

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6 April 2011
Faking it is officially over - project me day 461

It's late afternoon and I'm sitting here sipping on a cold up of tea while taking my very first breath since 8am this morning. It feels as though I've gone from being the pilot of a two seater little micro-light to taking over the?cockpit of the Concord. I'm sure when I have a huge corporation […]

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28 May 2010
Fake it till you make it - project me day 146

I can't believe it's nearly 7pm and I haven't had one moment to blog about yesterday ... what, with all the birthday party planning. As always, Greggie has given his friends the greatest gift of all ... a reason to forget about the world, our consciousness, our inhibitions and our baggage. He has made sure […]

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