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21 May 2014
My TedX talk and the huge response it got - project me post 1018

Project Me has been a roller coaster ride of achievements and failures, sorting out my life and finding more things broken. It's been about some successes that put me in a league of my own and struggles that put me in the same scary space as many others. None of these is as great as […]

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31 May 2010
Here it is in the words of my low self esteem - project me day 149

Tomorrow I will blog about today and how this feeling has gone on a little too long, but right now I have to blog about yesterday and the straw that broke the camel's back. Admittedly, it was easy for me to get myself lost in the party preparations for Greggie's birthday week and the build-up […]

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25 April 2010
Low GI, high emotion - project me day 114

When I started ?project me? one of the things that I knew I wanted to start having fun with, become goalless about and change without becoming obsessive, was my weight. In the first post I wrote, over four months ago, I shared a story with you about a very (maybe a little too) honest friend […]

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