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9 January 2017
Project Me Vlog Day 9 - The true driving force behind Me

On the note of fears, not being to post this comment at the top of my blog totally stressed me out, but here it is. Today I talk about the emotion that drives me the most and it not a calm and fun one.

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5 April 2012
Set your compass to happy - project me day 824

Every day I wake up and wish that I could change the story I share with you to one that's a whole lot less financial stressful and emotionally trying because of the pressure that money issues always put on our lives. Yes, there are glimmers of income and we are sitting on so many exciting […]

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23 March 2011
Still on the yellow brick road - project me day 447

If I could pick an easier route at times, I think I would jump at the opportunity. That moment always ends up being fleeting when I realise how much I would have missed out on had I changed one moment of my life. It's been 15 months of blogging but it's been 7 years since […]

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2 June 2010
I'm not that girl anymore - project me day 151

Admittedly, I can't blog for long today (being halfway through day 152) because I've managed to waste more than half of it forcing myself into positive spaces ... but that's for tomorrow's blog. Today, I just have to get through this so that I can finally do some work for the first time in a […]

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1 June 2010
A few of my favourite things - project me day 150

After an emotional and strenuous time I finally decided to take a little responsibility off of myself and ease up on me. First things first was to get hold of the doc and admit that I need help in sorting out the imbalance in the sugar levels. It needs controlling and the erratic emotions and […]

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5 May 2010
My little blue pill - project me day 124

So, things are getting a little scary in my paradigm. I'm beginning to be conscious of how long it really takes to get a new business off the ground. Well, I know I've said it all before ... I've mulled over the money issues, the frustrations, the fears and doubt that manages to slip through […]

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