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31 December 2013
How to know if you've had a good year - project me post 994

Very often, my best friend compares life to a roller coaster ride and presumes the analogy is a great one, however ... I hate roller coaster rides. On the other hand, I have really learned to love my life and can definitely relate it to the abundant joys of a kid in a theme park. […]

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26 February 2013
Get out and make things happen - project me post 936

Something's changing! Things have got to change! Yikes ... there's change. The more I speak to people, the less alone I feel in the world. On the very rare?occasion I throw out a ?Tweet that lets all the vulnerability hang out and I had one of those moments on Sunday. It was in the midst […]

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31 December 2012
Looking out onto 2012 - project me post 913

I'm sitting alone at home on the eve of the new year and despite it being an ending I didn't anticipate, I can't help but be totally overwhelmed with gratitude and pride about 2012.?I keep on having to go back in the history of the blog or flip through photographs on Facebook to remind myself […]

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4 December 2012
A moment to pause and reflect - project me post 901

I have a bit of time before I have to head upstairs and get dressed for the final #FollowSA event for the year and I'm feeling all proud so I wanted to share instead of letting it ramble around alone in my head. Tonight is our first collaboration event between Peace Starts and FollowSA where […]

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21 September 2012
#Peacestarts within - project me post 877

I love trying to focus on certain days and ask myself if I will remember where I was at that particular moment. We usually remember times like where we where when the second plane hit the second tower on September 11th. I was working for my mom then and I remember my dad come flying […]

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23 July 2012
Time to walk the talk - project me post 864 #projectbody

I hope I'm seen as the girl who supports the people around me, especially when they are out there doing their thing and making a difference in the world or in their lives. I know how very supported I have been and know the impact of inspiration and motivation. Lately I have been known to […]

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14 June 2012
My rising star moment - project me post 857

Look at me!!! Okay, between us, because we're so close, I'll share with you that I was in my pajamas for this pic. Isn't it amazing what a little foundation, eyeliner and lipstick can do? Honestly, today I have been a combination of exhausted and excited, which has almost left me dizzy and despite it […]

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21 May 2012
A special gift from Royal Palm Durban - project me post 852

We always like to host our #FollowSA out of town events so that we can spend the weekend in the gorgeous city and have extended time with some of our closest people we've connect with through Twitter. Wherever we go, it's amazing how we realise the connection we have formed with people that were once […]

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8 May 2012
Fast cars and unexpected adventures - project me post 849

I think we all find ourselves saying, "I should have done this ages ago." On the other hand, I truly believe everything happens for a reason and after days of not blogging, I ?couldn't wait to get through as much of the to-do list and just get here. Just a few weeks ago I felt […]

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21 April 2012
My first committee - project me day 840

  Milestones! Miracles! Magical moments! Those happen so often and take for granted just how very big they are. Today was one of them. With #FollowSA communities across the country collecting blankets for the #TBDZA and today the #Jozi team gathered on my couches and started to bring it all to life. Meet them: ?@ohgodknows, […]

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