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25 July 2010
How many potatoes can one girl eat? - project me day 205
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20 July 2010
Ups and downs of 200 days - project me day 200

I have just deleted all that I had planned to blog about and find myself with a blank canvas and a heading that I have no intention of changing. I had started to reminisce and list all of the events that have filled up the precious moments of 'project me' and even went as far […]

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19 July 2010
This soul thing is working - project me day 199

Firstly, my Greggie is sick and my natural mothering instincts are to molly coddle him and make sure that he does all the things within the collective to make sure he gets better. That would just be totally dumb considering we both know that he didn't 'catch' flu and that manifested if from whatever is […]

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14 July 2010
I think I'm the same as I always was - project me day 194

I love updating my Facebook status. Don't really care who reads it or what anyone thinks of me because of them. I just care that there's a place to splash out a thought, a moment and a reflection of who I am on a daily basis. My Facebook is riddled with friends and family and […]

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2 July 2010
Passion - Project me day 181

After barely making it through the Netherlands against Brasil game, I'm back to catching my breath while watching Ghana play?Uruguay. So far my teams are through and tomorrow I have the stress of watching Germany (who I have always supported till the bitter end). Yep ... it's still soccer fever in South Africa! It's greater […]

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29 June 2010
The power of what people think - project me day 178

Today I told two of my friends about Mr Wow. ?I told my mother when she returned from her overseas trip about how Mr Wow and I had made sure that external obstacles weren't an issue and that he had said I could call him my boyfriend. I spoke to Mr Big and told him […]

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28 June 2010
Beautiful friends - project me day 177

Waking up to a blog filled with comments about happiness and excitement about my 'wow' moment made me think ... wow (a different kind of wow!) I'm one lucky girl because I really have the most beautiful friends.

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26 June 2010
I can't do this - project me day 175

It's my blog and it's my project and I should be allowed to blog when I like. Um ... you think? No ... I have to blog in the moment! Who thought of this blogging daily and telling the world my truth stuff?? I wish I had some irresponsible marketing dude to blame ... but […]

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20 June 2010
I sabotaged my own sabotage - project me day 169

Finally! My days of chaos and avoidance are beginning to subside and I can drop the veil of superficial calm and reveal the truth behind the past few weeks. Yes, it's been that bad! It's been a time when the?saboteur?in me has raised it's mighty sword and been determined to head into battle and fight […]

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10 June 2010
My vuvuzela moment - project me day 159

12 o'clock market the momentous 'vuvuzela moment' where, in true South African form, we joined as one nation and made a hell of a noise. Greggie and I didn't got to hub of Sandton where all the action was happening, but rather chose to take to the streets and be along some random street in […]

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